MURDER AT THE MANOR a gripping crime mystery with a killer twist By ANNE PENKETH

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MURDER AT THE MANOR a gripping crime mystery with a killer twist (DI Sam Clayton Norfolk Murder Mysteries series Book 4) By ANNE PENKETH


Book/Novel Author: ANNE PENKETH

Book/Novel Title: MURDER AT THE MANOR a gripping crime mystery with a killer twist



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DETECTIVE SAM CLAYTON IS BACK IN ANOTHER GRIPPING NORTH NORFOLK MYSTERY.Has a village feud led to murder or is the killer closer to home?It’s Rupert Iverson’s twenty-fifth birthday, and he’s celebrating with a fancy-dress party at his father’s North Norfolk manor house.But his birthday ends with a bang — on the head — and him drowned in his swimming pool, wearing a Louis XIV costume.Most of his party guests wanted him dead for one reason or another — as do some of the local people.Now one of the villagers falls to her death from the nearby cliffs . . .Detectives Sam Clayton and Julie Everett must race against time to stop anyone else paying the ultimate price.This page-turning crime mystery set in an atmospheric part of Norfolk is perfect for fans of Michael Hambling, Matt Brolly, J.R. Ellis, J.D. Kirk and Elly Griffiths.WHAT READERS ARE SAYING ABOUT ANNE PENKETH:⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Five out of five stars!” Michelle K.“Think I have found another new series to follow.” Michelle D.“Recommended!” Anna Maria G.“Brilliant from start to finish, it was totally gripping from the first page. It was so good I didn’t want to put it down.” Lynn G.“Great book to read on holiday with a satisfyingly twisting storyline.” C.H.“A real page turner.” Barb D.“It had many twists which kept me guessing. I would never have worked out the ending.” Shamiela A.“Riveting read.” Penny B.“Sam Clayton is not your average hard-boiled detective. He has problems of his own as he sets out to find a serial killer.” Meg B.THE TEAMDetective Inspector Sam Clayton leads the investigation into the North Norfolk murders. He joined the police straight from school as a beat bobby in Manchester before rising through the ranks of the CID. He was transferred to Norwich after being promoted to DI following a high-profile case investigated by Lancashire Constabulary. He struggles with anger issues and finds solace in playing classical guitar. He lives in hope of a reconciliation with his ex-wife, Claire.Detective Sergeant Neil Pringle lives with his third wife in Norwich, where he was born. But taking care of his two sons with his wife Megan, and two other children with previous wives, has put his finances under strain. He never misses a chance to shine in hopes of securing promotion, and can’t help showing off his local knowledge to colleagues.Detective Sergeant Julie Everett is an intuitive officer who was promoted to detective sergeant from her home town of Ipswich where she had a background in child protection. She is discreet about her personal life among colleagues, particularly about the tragedy which haunts her, but is stressed out because of her work-life balance. She has to deal with a high-pressure job while raising a six-year-old child who moved with her to Norwich.THE SETTINGThe mists sweep across the Glaveny marsh and its muddy channels on the North Norfolk coast, where the reeds rustle and the waist-high grasses whisper in the wind. It is a place, frequented by dog walkers and birdwatchers, where myth and reality collide. Locals talk about a hell hound that roams the marsh in the mist, bringing death in its wake. When the mist rolls in, it is blindingly thick in minutes. When it retreats, who knows what will be left behind?DI SAM CLAYTON SERIESBook 1: MURDER ON THE MARSHBook 2: THE BAD SISTERBook 3: PLAY DEADBook 4: MURDER AT THE MANOR
Cliffs falling into the sea and a wild fun party at the mansion is the start of the murder mystery.Who killed the party birthday boy? The venue sounds fabulous and the party goers are dressed in period wear. The story was interesting.The twist at the end was a big one.Sure didn’t see it coming. I liked the book.
I especially enjoyed the setting of the murder.A fancy dress party from Louis the fourteenth was an interesting twist.
I’m this book, DI Clayton takes a back seat as DS Julie Everett leads the investigation when Clayton is called out of town.The murder of a 25-year old young man at his Louis XIV-themed birthday partytakes place at a manor house which along with its neighbors is being threatened by coastal erosion.As the investigators make several trips to the coastal town they investigate two other deaths that may or may not be related to the first.They work through virtually all conceivable clues and evidence and are stumped until someone reveals information that makes the perpetrator obvious.This book does not have a guessable solution.The critical relationships are not revealed until the end.If revealed sooner, there would have been no book.I did notfind the characters particularly engaging, though the information about the effects of climate change on erosion was interesting.Overall, it is a pretty average book:quite readable but not much in the way of pizazz.
Had high hopes for this book and author, but “gripping” mystery, this was NOT!Dragged on and too much mindless detail.Also, enough with the social stereotypes of everyone!
I had a difficult time getting into the story.Once I was through the 1st 3 chapters,the book became more interesting.The author Kept you In suspense
Good book! I definitely enjoyed reading this book! It had suspense, intrigue, and a great storyline! I would definitely recommend reading this book, it wasn’t one of my top favorites but still worth reading! Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for sharing this book with me!


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