Murder in Revelation By Anne Cleeland

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Murder in Revelation (The Doyle & Acton Mystery Series Book 12) By Anne Cleeland


Book/Novel Author: Anne Cleeland

Book/Novel Title: Murder in Revelation

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Detective Sergeant Kathleen Doyle was investigating a tip she’d received about doctors who were being assaulted at a London free clinic, but—strangely enough—none of the volunteers was willing to give her a statement. Instead, her only witness offered a fanciful tale about supernatural evildoers—which was nonsense, of course; it was clearly an attempt to shift the blame to the appropriate cultural bogeyman. Although it did seem as though there were a lot of strange things happening, and all of them at once.A shame, that she had to interrupt the investigation to attend a servant’s funeral at Trestles, but Acton felt they were obligated to go.If only she didn’t feel as though her husband was a little too eager to attend this particular funeral. . . .

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