My Big Fat Fake Honeymoon By Lauren Landish

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My Big Fat Fake Honeymoon By Lauren Landish


Book/Novel Author: Lauren Landish

Book/Novel Title: My Big Fat Fake Honeymoon

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Always the bridesmaid, never the bride?Try always the florist.This high-profile wedding gig comes with a dreamy week in paradise. The sun, sand, and sea will make the hard work worth it. Or so I thought until that dream becomes a nightmare.When an old nemesis shows up, my mouth gets me in trouble, and suddenly, I’m pretending to be on my honeymoon. My “groom” is even worse.Lorenzo Toscani. The love ‘em and leave ‘em bad boy chef I’ve been warned about steps in to save the day.He’s romance and heat, excitement and adventure, and all the bad decisions. But I’ve never let that stop me before, so why start now?Maybe this week could be the start of something special—especially when playing newlyweds feels so real. Or is it just a case of what happens in paradise, stays in paradise?Only one way to find out… let’s fake this big, fat honeymoon!My Big Fat Fake Honeymoon is a full-length romantic comedy with a happily ever after and no cliffhanger. It can be read as a standalone.

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