My Big Fat Witch Wedding By Amanda M. Lee

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My Big Fat Witch Wedding (Wicked Witches of the Midwest Book 19) By Amanda M. Lee


Book/Novel Author: Amanda M. Lee

Book/Novel Title: My Big Fat Witch Wedding



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The big day is finally here.Bay and Landon’s wedding day has arrived.Unfortunately, a tragedy stands in the way of their happily ever after, and it comes in the form of reports of an armed gunman at the local high school. Bay, ghosts at her side, braves the scene to save the kids … and uncovers something horrific.She. The boy with the gun says he needs to find her. The teacher in the room with him says the same thing before taking his own life. There’s a magical being in Hemlock Cove, and she’s wielding a great deal of power as she forces people to kill in her name.Bay refuses to back down, convinced that the magical explosion they can’t get under control at Hollow Creek is partially to blame. The problem is so big, another witch needs to be tapped to help them solve it.Scout Randall, part of the Spells Angels group in Hawthorne Hollow, is more than happy to lend her services. She owes the Winchesters a favor after all. She simply might not be enough.Bay and Landon have been through more than any couple should have to survive … and they’re not done.Here comes the wedding … and Clove’s baby … and the worst enemy they’ve ever fought.The Winchesters are strongest together, and this time they’re going to prove that there’s no keeping a good witch down.I do? It’s coming, because nothing can stop these witches when love and family are on the line.
The way you brought in all the witches from the surrounding areas was great but the midwife was perfect twist
Wonderful book. A little emotional, suspenseful, and definitely SNARKY! A must read if you like witches with attitude and love
I’ve never had more fun reading than going through these stories. The plot lines are well thought out and wrapped at the right time, and the character development is top notch. I also like that Amanda refers back to reference points so that jumping in anywhere won’t leave a new reader feeling lost. Her continuity is great.
Finally! I’ve felt like I’ve been holding my breath thru the last few books in this series to ‘see’ this day happen. So, hooray and thank the goddess.
Amanda never disappoints! Worth the wait! I love how this crew gets so worked up worrying when they make the actual takedowns look so easy. A bride, a baby and so many beloved characters make for a dang good read! Long live the Winchesters!
Wasn’t just the same book with a change of scenery. It had a deeper and more substantial story line than usual. Well written, with new character developments.


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4.9/5309 ratings