My Sister’s Man By Flora Ferrari

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My Sister’s Man: A Steamy Standalone Instalove Romance (A Man Who Knows What He Wants Book 288) By Flora Ferrari


Book/Novel Author: Flora Ferrari

Book/Novel Title: My Sister’s Man



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I have a secret, something I can never tell anybody.I’ve got a crush on my sister’s man.Sure, they’ve never come out as official, but I’ve seen the pictures… June and Declan laughing together at parties, posing for the cameras, so clearly in love, nobody could mistake it.When I visit my sister, I promise myself not to let my feelings interfere.So what if I can’t stop thinking about Declan Dunne, with his intense eyes and his muscular body? So what if I can’t stop imagining steamy scenes every second of every day?Even if Declan and June hadn’t dated or are dating, I know he’d never want anything to do with me.He’s an older man, experienced, a CEO, and an alpha who could have any woman he wants. I’m a virgin with the bad habit of making a fool of myself.So I stick to my books, disappearing into my writing so I don’t have to think about this temptation… it never stops. It’s always there.I can ignore it. I think.Then the impossible happens.When he kisses me, I hardly know what to do.I know what we’re doing is wrong. But I can’t stop.Then Declan tells me something, something about him and June, and it changes everything.
I love Flora’s books. They are sweet Insta read with a happily ever after and I enjoy the extended epilogue. I’m one of those readers that always wonder what happens after “The End” so the extra epilogues are a sweet bonus.
It’s a great short story but the whole story timeline is like a month long and their more in the epilogue than the actual story. Could of been a little better but it was still a great story.
Dakota goes to visit her sister in England. She was born about the time June left for college, but they are close. Dakota has a crush on her boss once she saw pictures of June and Declan together at different events. The first time they meet in Junes office, the sparks fly. This story is about their relationship , an entertaining twist and getting your fairytale dream. Loved the characters, their personalities and banter. The storyline has drama, secrets, surprises, intense feelings, and sisterly love. The endings were terrific and I loved the twist just when it seems to fall apart. Well done.I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review.
Guessed who was the mystery man within the first 3 chapters. What a disappointment.I like most Insta love romance but this one was a little creepy. The sex was so so, nothing special and oh spoiler alert (virgin 20 something) love interest. Same old same old. I expected more from the title but was very very disappointed.
Dakota is a successful romance writer. She is someone that makes the pages sizzle, making them similar to this story. Declan is a self-made man, from the Midwest. He moves to the, UK to start his business. Hitting it big.Declan is forty-one years old, but, has never married. He says he’s always, working. If you talk to his close friends or dad, it’s due to him not finding that one special woman, when you just know.But, when his, personal assistant, June’s much younger sister arrives for a vacation. The two come to, June’s workplace, to see where she works. She is blown away, by the proximity in which they work, within the office. Dakota and Declan, make electricity the first time they meet.Jealousy runs fast and hard through, Dakota. She has loved her sister’s boss, from the states. Ever since her freshman year, in high school, when she sees the two in a tabloid. Together at a party like a couple. It’s not real she knows that, but still, it’s there.So, she questions it, and the thought of love, at first sight. Where he falls in love with, her. Is real or a plot for a story of hers? What is real anymore? See how the three journey through this tricky relationship.A fun book to read because the characters, and the dialogue is witty, but… I wish more of it would have been said, to each other. Not just left in their head most of the time, throughout the book.
I just loved this book. It was so well-written that it captured my mind, and I was dragged along for the ride. Once I started reading, I could not put it down until I read the last page.


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