Mysterious Stranger By David Blaine

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Mysterious Stranger: A Book of Magic By David Blaine


Book/Novel Author: David Blaine

Book/Novel Title: Mysterious Stranger



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Blaine’s Challenge!———— —— —— —— —— — —— —— — —— —— — ——— —— ————A never-before-attempted challenge to readers everywhere!WIN $100,000.00Hidden throughout the volume now in front of you are secret little signals, clues, and codes that, once understood and deciphered, will lead to the discovery of aTreasure!!Which has been hidden somewhere within the confines of the continental United States of America.Where is it? Who Will find it?We Can’t Say!——————————————This challenge has been created and sponsored by the world’s greatest mystifier . . . DAVID BLAINEwho was Buried AliveFor Seven Days and Seven Nights.The one and same who becamethe world’s ONLY LIVING ICE CUBE in world-famous Times Squareand who . . .stood as still as a statue10 stories above Manhattanonly to leap to his life below.—————————————The book in your hands nowRevealsSome of David Blaine’s most closely guarded SECRETS. Such asWHO IS HE?WHERE DID HE COME FROM?HOW DOES HE DO IT?The reader will alsoLEARN a multitude of inside SECRETS with which he or she too can mystify anyone.THE MYSTERIOUS MR. BLAINEFOR THE FIRST TIME IN RECORDED HISTORYWILL READ YOUR THOUGHTS THROUGH THE WRITTEN WORD“A latter-day Houdini.” —The New York Times“The hottest name in magic.”— USA TodayHIS SECRETS WILL BECOME YOURS——————————————————————————————





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