Mystery at Magpie Lodge By Clare Chase

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Mystery at Magpie Lodge: An absolutely gripping cozy mystery novel (An Eve Mallow Mystery Book 7) By Clare Chase


Book/Novel Author: Clare Chase

Book/Novel Title: Mystery at Magpie Lodge



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After the black sheep of the Fulton family is found dead, the village of Saxford St Peter is quick to blame it on his past misdeeds. But Eve Mallow is on the hunt for someone closer to home…When the down-on-his-luck Emory Fulton moves into crumbling Magpie Lodge, and starts running historical tours, the locals are none too pleased. He’s inventing grisly tales about their lovely little village, and disturbing everyone’s peace.But then he’s found dead in his bath, and everyone is suddenly running scared. Could something strange be happening? After all, the murder mirrors one of Fulton’s stories about Saxford’s dark past…But Eve Mallow is sure the answers lie in much more recent events. Accompanied by her stalwart dachshund sidekick Gus, she starts to dig a little deeper. Could it be Fulton’s snobbish bigwig brother, or the suspicious local academic? Why was his goddaughter handing him mysterious parcels, and why wouldn’t his sister-in-law let him in her house?As Eve unravels the secrets of the living and the dead, one thing is for sure: Fulton was a haunted, hunted man. And if Eve doesn’t crack the case soon, she might find whoever wanted to keep Fulton quiet on her trail too…An unputdownable page-turner, perfect for fans of Faith Martin, Agatha Christie and Betty Rowlands.See what everyone is saying about Clare Chase: ‘Stunning… Loved the story and the pacing and just everything about it… A great story that I couldn’t put down.’ Crossroad Reviews ‘I loved this book… Everything an old-fashioned sleuthing ought to be… I flew through the pages.’ Shalini’s Books & Reviews, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐‘Utterly delightful!… The perfect cosy murder mystery… Keeps you on your toes!… I highly recommend this to the armchair detectives of the world!’ The Two Quills‘Well done! Interesting plot twists and diabolical red herrings. Yup, riveting! Loved it!’ Goodreads reviewer, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐‘A totally addictive page-turner that will have you racing through the pages and reeling at the twists.’ NetGalley reviewer‘Another page-turning, fantastic adventure with Eve, Gus and Robin!!!… Absolutely compelling, addictive and page-turning.’ Bookworm86, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐‘Plenty of plot twists, red herrings, and misdirection. Kept me in suspense. I loved it!’ Goodreads reviewer, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐‘Drags the reader right into the plot from day one. She writes so vividly… I can almost imagine I’m on the dunes walking Gus, an inspiration of a dog that steals the show… A Marplesque amateur sleuth.’ Jenny O’Brien, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐‘Delightful and charming… I absolutely adore this series.’ Once Upon a Time Book Blog, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐‘Stepping into the pages of a new Eve Mallow mystery is like stepping into your favourite well-worn comfy slippers… Deliciously moreish… If you haven’t already discovered this series then what are you waiting for???’ Goodreads reviewer, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐‘I just can’t praise this series enough I absolutely love it!… Had me hooked from the beginning to the end and had me up into the early hours to race to the conclusion I just couldn’t put it down… Fantastic.’ Goodreads reviewer, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
This 7th in the series starts with Eve Mallow attending a fundraiser at the Fulton Estate where she meets Emory Fulton and Coco Fulton. Emory is the ‘black sheep’ brother that has recently decided it was time to live with family again. Coco Fulton is the daughter of Selina & Roger Fulton and Emory’s niece. When Emory is found dead, there’s no shortage of suspects. Eve manages to interview all of them using her job as obituary writer as an excuse. I won’t share any spoilers, but will say this was a well thought out mystery and I enjoyed it very much.
Story is curious and suspenseful, however the binding is the flaw. Pages have come out from the spine. Alas I will keep and look past this difficulty!
Lots of shape to Great description s of warm cozy place for cold rain g days Then there are TBE baked goodies yummy.
Eve Mallow’s obit writing takes you on a journey full of twists! Light hearted but difficult to put down !
Whew! What a book! Great mystery. So many twists and turns. I was really trying to work it out to see if I could figure it out. The author did a great job of keeping me in the dark until the last minute. Good mystery. Great characters. The Eve Mallow series is now one of my favorites. Looking forward to the next book. Thanks for another great read!
I have read all the books in this series and they all go rather like this: So Eve over hears things because she is nozy. Luckily she gets the job of the obituary(otherwise she really would be just a nozy woman with No excuse). The real police aren’t too bright but Eve is smarter of course. Eve almost gets killed YET AGAIN. And the mystery is solved. UGH. This one didn’t even have enough fun from the villagers to keep it interesting. Probably won’t continue with the series if it just stays as it is.


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