Nameless Serenade By Maurizio de Giovanni

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Nameless Serenade By Maurizio de Giovanni & Antony Shugaar


Book/Novel Author: Maurizio de Giovanni

Book/Novel Title: Nameless Serenade



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**The ninth Commissario Ricciardi Neapolitan mystery is “noir with a heart, haunting and beautiful . . . A literary thriller of exceptional quality” ( *NB Magazine* ).**

Years ago, Vinnie Sannino left Naples on a ship bound for America, where he found fame and fortune as a boxer. But his gilded life in the new world came to an abrupt end when, during a fight, with a heavy punch to the head of his opponent, Vinnie killed a man in the ring.

Now, Vinnie’s back in Italy, pining for the woman he left behind. Cettina, however, is now a married woman. She was, at least, until her husband was recently found dead, killed by a single blow to the head. For Commissario Ricciardi, one of the most faceted cops in fiction, and his partner Maione, it is a going to be a long, rainy, week in Naples.

“Deep melancholy infuses the crafty whodunit plot of de Giovanni’s superior ninth mystery set in 1930s Italy . . . Ricciardi, who’s literally haunted by visions of the dead, continues to be one of the most nuanced and intriguing sleuths in contemporary crime fiction.” — *Publishers Weekly* (starred review)

“De Giovanni is one of the best historical crime writers out there. His Commissario Ricciardi novels, set during the fascist period in Italy, are intelligent and totally engrossing. *Nameless Serenade* is a perfect addition to the series; a really satisfying murder mystery, an insight into 1930s Naples and a thrilling chapter in the life of the Commissario. Lyrical prose and intriguing rounded characters contribute to making this one of the finest in the Ricciardi chronicles.” — *NB Magazine* **
### Review
Praise for Maurizio de Giovanni’s **Commissario Ricciardi series** “Naples in the early 1930s is the setting for Maurizio de Giovanni’s “Nameless Serenade” (World Noir, 397 pages, $18), a series book (translated impressively from the Italian by Antony Shugaar) whose intense opening chapters approach the operatic. […] These romantic, suspenseful and political strains interweave and resolve in superbly artful fashion.” –Tom Nolan, *Wall Street Journal* “Love, longing, and loss suffuse [ *Glass Souls* ], de Giovanni’s elegiac, autumnal eighth Commissario Ricciardi mystery.” — *Publishers Weekly* “This is a wonderful series, and I highly recommend it to mystery lovers, as well as historical noir.” — *Pulp Den* “Reading a novel by Maurizio de Giovanni is like stepping into a Vittorio De Sica movie.” — *The New York Times* “De Giovanni has created one of the most interesting and well-drawn detectives in fiction.” — *The Daily Beast*
### About the Author
**Maurizio de Giovanni** ’s Commissario Ricciardi books are bestsellers across Europe, having sold well over one million copies. De Giovanni is also the author of the contemporary Neapolitan thriller, *The Crocodile (Europa, 2013)* , and the new contemporary Neapolitan series, *The Bastards of Pizzofalcone*. He lives in Naples with his family.
**Antony Shugaar** ‘s translations for Europa Editions include *For Grace Received* by Valeria Parrella, *Everybody’s Right* by Paolo Sorrentino, Fabio Bartolomei’s *Alfa Romeo 1300 and Other Miracles* , and *Margherita Dolce Vita* by Stefano Benni.





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