Needing Arella By Terri Anne Browning

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Needing Arella (Rockers’ Legacy Book 6) By Terri Anne Browning


Book/Novel Author: Terri Anne Browning

Book/Novel Title: Needing Arella

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I have a stalker.Nothing new about that.I’m the latest it girl in Hollywood. Stalkers come with the territory.But this one is…different.This one is braver—and unpredictable.My sister is married to a security expert. One phone call and I could have one of the world’s best-trained bodyguards watching over me twenty-four seven.But if I do, my parents will find out, and my dad will stress.What if he gets sick again because he’s worried about me?No! I refuse to let that happen.Which leaves me with just one choice.I’ll have to call the only other person I can trust.Jordan Moreitti.

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