Neglected By Cathy Glass

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Neglected: Scared, hungry and alone, Jamey craves affection By Cathy Glass


Book/Novel Author: Cathy Glass

Book/Novel Title: Neglected



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Little Jamey, 2½ years old, is placed with experienced foster carer, Cathy Glass, as an emergency.The police and social services have no choice but to remove two-year-old Jamey from home after his mother leaves him alone all night to go out partying.When he first arrives with foster carer Cathy Glass, he is scared, hungry and withdrawn, craving the affection he has been denied for so long. He is small for his age and unsteady on his feet – a result of being left for long periods in his cot.Cathy and her family find Jamey very easy to love, but as he settles in and makes progress, a new threat emerges. Coronavirus and lockdown change everything.
Cathy Glass books make you feel like home. She takes such great care and kindness to the children she takes in and the family members who want to be involved. It always feels like a friend speaking to you of their experience as a carer.

Global Pandemic isolated so many family’s, Cathy is a Blessing to open her house to three beautiful children. Jamey is with family changing a chapter to his young life.
This got off to an amazing start. I was deep into little Jaymie and then it went sideways about the ” virus” and lost me.

I enjoyed this book by Cathy Glass; I have read all her fostering memoirs. This one was a bit different due to the onset of Covid-19 during Jamey’s stay with her and her daughter Paula. I found some details were repetitious such as what Jamey said, ate, did..Cathy and Paula did a great job with Jamey and their love and care came through the pages.. Due to the pandemic there could not be the scope of outings or vacations as in her usual books, and it showed how overworked the social services were and how other jobs were affected. Her own children had changes in their jobs and could only be mentioned minimally due to lockdown. Cathy described well how all our lives were circumscribed by covid restrictions. I felt the short stay of Cora and Theo need not be mentioned or, if so, more details given- either way. I know it was included to show how emergency care was needed for children and Cathy stepped up but we did not hear what happened to these kids , such as the back story and future repercussions. All in all, I enjoyed this memoir and look forward to the next one


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