Never Split the Difference By Chris Voss

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Never Split the Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It By Chris Voss


Book/Novel Author: Chris Voss

Book/Novel Title: Never Split the Difference



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A former international hostage negotiator for the FBI offers a new, field-tested approach to high-stakes negotiations—whether in the boardroom or at home.After a stint policing the rough streets of Kansas City, Missouri, Chris Voss joined the FBI, where his career as a hostage negotiator brought him face-to-face with a range of criminals, including bank robbers and terrorists. Reaching the pinnacle of his profession, he became the FBI’s lead international kidnapping negotiator. Never Split the Difference takes you inside the world of high-stakes negotiations and into Voss’s head, revealing the skills that helped him and his colleagues succeed where it mattered most: saving lives. In this practical guide, he shares the nine effective principles—counterintuitive tactics and strategies—you too can use to become more persuasive in both your professional and personal life.Life is a series of negotiations you should be prepared for: buying a car, negotiating a salary, buying a home, renegotiating rent, deliberating with your partner. Taking emotional intelligence and intuition to the next level, Never Split the Difference gives you the competitive edge in any discussion.Read more
I’m all about self improvement and finding different methods for approaching things. I’m a fairly good and diplomatic negotiator, but you’ll always run into those “ball buster” or “used car salesman” types that immediately put you on the defensive.For that I decided to check this book out expecting it to be how to apply brute force to negotiating to “beat” your opponent. This is totally opposite to how I operate, but figured it just be how good negotiation works. I couldn’t have been more wrong!Chris breaks things down really well to show that while yes there are the brute force negotiators out there, and in intense negotiation people tend to be on the offensive, but great negotiators build trust, rapport, and calm the situation. Then through several techniques you’re able to steer the discussion (often without the other person consciously realizing it) to overcome a problem (not the person you are dealing with).Other reviewers complained that the book just seemed like war stories, but they were just examples; and very effective ones. It’s like learning a new math or science topic and just learning new equations. You’ll be able to pass a test, but might have no idea how to apply these topics in the real world. Chris’s examples are real life uses of the principles and not just a, “trust me” reasoning.Anyway the book was a great read and I picked up a lot of things I already subconsciously do as well as picked up great ideas for the future. Practice makes perfect so I’m already starting with mirroring and labeling in some discussions I’m having (to great results) and within a day of finishing the book, picked it up to read it again.
The concepts in this book are great, but I’m finding it a bit dry. I’m halfway through and finding myself eyeing the stack of unread books in my room as I continue to read this one. Really wishing I could abandon ship and start a different read, the problem is that I have an issue with leaving jobs half done. I would give this book 5 stars if it were more concise. 100% agree with the most popular review (listed first).
Really enjoyed reading through this book not only learning great tactics for negotiation but also history behind how these techniques were figured out and applied in life/death matters. Sometimes we separate ourselves to much from the reality of situations, this book puts into perspective how critical communication/conversation is with anyone.

One of the most useful books I’ve ever read . Easy to read and hard to put down. Look forward to reading this again!


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