Never Trust A Guy With Fangs By Mia Monroe

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Never Trust A Guy With Fangs (Covens of Eaton Falls Book 1) By Mia Monroe


Book/Novel Author: Mia Monroe

Book/Novel Title: Never Trust A Guy With Fangs



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Waking up in my enemy’s bed is just the start of my problems.The first rule of being a witch: don’t trust the vampires. My entire life has been filled with stories of our warring covens. We tenuously coexist in the New England city of Eaton Falls, where the locals think we’re merely the stuff of fairy tales and horror movies.We live life as the mortals do, keeping our magic behind the scenes. Everything is fine until the day I wake up inside notorious Eaton Manor, in the bed of none other than the sexy and terrifying head vampire, Augustus Rainier, with no memory of how I got there.His presence makes my skin tingle and my heart beat just a little faster. I know the inherent danger of associating with violent, often unpredictable vampires. I’ve got bigger problems, though, when I discover my coven is in hiding, leaving me on my own.When danger shows up at Eaton Manor, it becomes clear it’s not only the witches in trouble. Both covens need to decide: do we fight separate battles against the same enemy or break every rule in our history and join forces to defeat a common foe? The other major question—will possessive and domineering Augustus let me go when this is over?Never Trust A Guy With Fangs is an MM paranormal romance. It is book one in the Covens of Eaton Falls series featuring a rebellious twink of a witch with eternal optimism, an edgy vampire with a strong mistrust of witches, two stubborn and quirky covens, a threat from an unknown enemy, and a dangerous desire that could tear apart tradition, all in a beautiful New England backdrop. It is not a standalone.
I absolutely love this book! I desperately need the next one! Like soon! Real real soon! I hated to put it down to go to work….but ya know….lol but really , its an amazing book, and I will be waiting impatiently for the next one.
1st person is hard for me to read unless done really well. There was a lot of convenient info dumping that ruined the flow of the story for me as well.
I enjoyed the character development and dialogue. This was a fun read. I am eager to read the next book in the series.
I have such mixed feelings about this book. I enjoyed it for the most part. The story is interesting and unfolds well. The…there are some awful grammar mistakes and some weird continuity issues. They discuss the Leo’s parents being dead and then later in the book, Auggie asks if they’re alive. There is a whole paragraph that makes no sense about who is saying it and the mix of stories. More than that, tho, is the repetition: I believe he’s here, I don’t understand our connection, I would not allow anyone to harm him… That last one is particularly bad. We got it the first 12 times he said it – after that it’s annoying.
Such Great characters good storyline I really enjoyed it and look forward to the story continuing I highly recommend it!!
I truly enjoyed this book. New trope for me, and I’m excited for the rest of the series!! So much foreshadowing and excitement to keep you wanting more!!


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