New Madrid Earthquake By Bobby Akart

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New Madrid Earthquake: A Disaster Thriller By Bobby Akart


Book/Novel Author: Bobby Akart

Book/Novel Title: New Madrid Earthquake

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In the not too distant past, along the Mississippi River,North America tried to tear itself in half.It failed. It won’t the second time.New Madrid.A standalone disaster thriller from international bestselling author, Bobby Akart, one of America’s favorite storytellers, who delivers up-all-night thrillers to readers in 245 countries and territories worldwide.”Akart is a master of suspense, keeping us on the edge of our seats. But, he does it with fact-based fiction that would scare even the most hardened readers.”Two hundred years ago, several faults within the New Madrid seismic zone along the Mississippi River ruptured triggering some of the largest earthquakes in American history. The three massive quakes ripped open America’s Heartland, shaking residents as far away as New York City and Washington, DC while ringing church bells in Boston and Charleston, South Carolina.”No one can research like Bobby Akart and then turn this meticulous research into one exciting thrill ride.”Akart’s standalone novel, New Madrid, is based on actual events. It just hasn’t happened yet, until now. 200 years after the historic quake sequence of 1811-12, it’s reawakened.”This is a story of fortitude and love for family – do you have what it takes to survive and make it back to your loved ones.”The New Madrid fault zone, six times larger than the San Andreas in California, has generated a series of massive earthquakes thrusting the Atwood and Chandler families in a fight to survive. Attorney Jack Atwood and his brother-in-law Tony Chandler are winding up their year-end tax planning presentation atop The Met, a skyscraper in St. Louis, before returning to Memphis for their family’s Christmas celebration. Jill Atwood, her daughter Emily and teenage son Tate, are in a downtown Memphis performing arts theater attending the dress rehearsal for Emily’s Christmas pageant. Beth Chandler, 28 weeks pregnant, together with her 3-year old autistic son, are traveling from Louisiana to join the rest of the family in Memphis.Will they arrive for Christmas? Will they arrive at all? Their lives are about to change forever.”You are there. Feeling what they feel. Anger, joy, love, mourning. You feel it all. Not everyone can write a book like this. It takes a special writer to make you feel a book.”Bobby Akart has delivered intense, up-all-night thrillers causing you to whisper just one more chapter until the end.Prepare to be shaken.

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