Nightborne Academy By Jesse Wells

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Nightborne Academy By Jesse Wells


Book/Novel Author: Jesse Wells

Book/Novel Title: Nightborne Academy

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My twin sister was murdered and now I’ll have to take on her identity her to find the killer.
Trapped in an Academy full of supernatural delinquents with my sister’s less than stellar reputation, I’ll have to face more than just murder and mayhem. My twin was dangerous and deadly with her magic, and the only thing I can do is communicate with ghosts.
Did I mention that my sister is haunting me until I find her killer?
She and I will have to work together to unravel the last few months of her life and track down her enemies. There’s only one problem. You don’t become the number one magic user at Nightborne Academy without making the entire school your enemy. And in case you were wondering, my sister was unstoppable.
I have only a few allies who know the truth.
Grayson, a too-handsome guy who morphs into smoke to sneak around. He’s got as many secrets as I do, but he seems to know everything about me and that makes him even more dangerous.
Courtney, my twin’s best friend and someone who blames me for my sister’s death. She’s in charge of my magical education and I wonder if I’ll live through it.
The third ally is Detective Cutter, a werewolf (sorry, they hate to be called that) and lead investigator of the NIB, the Nightborne Investigation Bureau. He’s also the guy in charge of my sister’s case. This whole mess was his idea, but he’s disappeared on me.
Then there’s the mysterious doc who can create copies of himself at will and the vampire headmistress who would rather kick me to the curb, but needs me to protect the reputation of this Academy and her number one student’s position. Let’s not forget my loving parents who sold me to the Academy so I could become my sister.
I’ve got nowhere to go, and enemies all around me. And if I don’t figure out who killed my sister, I’ll be joining her six-feet under before Christmas. **

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