No Ex Before Marriage By Portia MacIntosh

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No Ex Before Marriage: The perfect laugh-out-loud new romantic comedy from Portia MacIntosh for 2022 By Portia MacIntosh


Book/Novel Author: Portia MacIntosh

Book/Novel Title: No Ex Before Marriage



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It’s not over until someone says ‘I do’…While her friends join the “Wife Club” one by one, Poppy feels like that part of her life is done and dusted. Already married and divorced she’s not desperate to go through all that again.But what if her divorce never actually went through…?After a shock revelation Poppy not only discovers she is still married, but that Zac is about to have his second wedding!Coming face to face with her (almost) ex-husband after six years apart is never going to be easy. And when Zac panics and tells his new wife-to-be that Poppy is family, things can’t get much worse as she is welcomed with open arms as part of the wedding party!As the memories flood back, can Poppy really leave the past where it is? And can she watch the first love of her life walk down the aisle to say ‘I do’ once again?A laugh-out-loud romantic comedy from top 10 bestseller Portia MacIntosh, guaranteed to brighten up your day.Praise for Portia MacIntosh:’A hilarious, roaringly fun, feel good, sexy read. I LOVED it!’ Holly Martin’This is a heartwarming fun story, perfect for several hours of pure escapism.’ Jessica Redland’Super-romantic and full of festive spirit. I loved it!’ Mandy Baggot’A feel good, funny and well written book. I read it in 2 days and enjoyed every second!’ A.L. Michael
Portia MacIntosh writes incredibly entertaining books. Her stories are humorous and good hearted. I always know I will enjoy the ride when I open one of her books!

I always enjoy Portia Macintosh’s books. Light, easy to read and often humorous. Great for escaping our challenging times. This book kept me engrossed from beginning to end. While a little unrealistic, I loved the journey. I enjoyed all the characters and their quirks. This book makes you feel like you’re a part of their lives, living their experiences as one of the friends.
Fun, interesting characters. Unique twist on the plot and unique settings. Definitely recommend it. Nice comedic events and romantic episodes.
Funny, sweet, charming characters. Funny and silly but in the best way. Good twist at the end. Really enjoyed it!
No Ex Before Marriage is a delightful Rom-Com with a touch of somberness to bring in a bit of reality and emotions. Poppy is the oldest of her core of girlfriends, she was the first to be married and divorced. At the wedding of the last of her single girlfriends Poppy is about to encounter some unwelcome reality into the festivities… she’s been regulated to the “singles” table. What? As if divorce is contagious or something! But here she sits and encounters a new friend in Kat. Kat might be exactly what Poppy needs as she is a touch wild, definitely willing to take on a few risks, and she doesn’t act like Poppy did something wrong by her marriage not working out. She might no longer belong in that “Married Friends” circle but she’s not without a new friend. Except… It turns out that Poppy and Zac’s divorce was never finalized and they are still legally wed. It’s an error that’s easily fixable except, well, Zac is about to be married in a few days and Poppy has no time to wait for the divorce to be dealt with one day soon. So off she and Kat go to a castle to crash a wedding, get divorce papers signed, and to a man who once was her world until it all crumbled around them. I enjoyed No Ex Before Marriage. There were moments of uncontrollable giggles, and times when the seriousness of the moment, the emotions that were easily felt gave this story a completely different feel. If you love a Romantic Comedy, a heroine beyond the first blush of youth, and figuring out the will they or won’t they that Zac and Poppy face… then you’ll have a good time with this one. This is a new to me author, and I’ll definitely be checking out her backlist. *I received an e-ARC of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley. The opinions expressed in this review are my own – good, bad, or indifferent. I was not financially compensated for this review and no expectation of a positive review was promised.*


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