No Way By Jessica Lynch

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No Way By Jessica Lynch


Book/Novel Author: Jessica Lynch

Book/Novel Title: No Way

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It was supposed to be a routine delivery…

Paranormals exist. Colton Wolfe should know. As an alpha wolf shifter without a pack of his own to lead, he’s made his home in a Bumptown not too far from his father’s territory. He spends his days working for the pack’s construction company, creating wooden works of art to sell in his spare time, and desperately trying to figure out how to free his older brother from the Cage. He definitely doesn’t have time for a mate. Too bad that fate has other plans for him. When a routine delivery reveals that Colt’s mate is living within hunting distance of his home, the alpha inside of him that he keeps buried comes bursting to life. Shea is sweet, she’s smart, she’s absolutely gorgeous— —and she’s a witch. Oh, hell no. But Shea Moonshadow isn’t an ordinary witch.  For one, she doesn’t practice magic—she sells her services as a healer at her apothecary shop in downtown Grayson. For another? She has no desire to be part of the local coven. And that’s when the head witch of Coventry decides to stop by and pay her a little visit…

No Way is a short story (~13k words) that is set during and near the end of the first  Claws Clause  book,  Hungry Like a Wolf , and is considered a prequel to the second title, Season of the Witch. It features the first moment when Colton and Shea meet at her shop, plus what led to her surprise appearance at Colt’s home at the end of the first book. **

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The  Claws Clause Series in reading order:


0.5) Mates (Maddox & Evangeline)

1)  Hungry Like a Wolf (Maddox & Evangeline)

1.5)  Of Mistletoe and Mating  (Maddox & Evangeline)

# 1.75)  No Way (Colton & Shea) || 01/24/20

2)  Season of the Witch (Colton & Shea) || 02/14/20

3)  Sunglasses at Night  || 06/19/20

4)  Ghost of Jealousy

5)  Broken Wings

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