Noble Legend By L.T. Ryan

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Noble Legend (Jack Noble Book 14) By L.T. Ryan


Book/Novel Author: L.T. Ryan

Book/Novel Title: Noble Legend



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Jack Noble found freedom from the CIA. A rogue assassin doesn’t care.When Jack Noble is sent to Brugge, Belgium to wait for further instruction, he finds himself at battle with a group of thugs harassing local businesses. But they aren’t his only problem…A rogue assassin who had Noble in his sights once before and missed is determined to finish the job, no matter the consequences.With new allies by his side, Noble is locked in a life or death battle with one of the deadliest assassins in Europe, and they’ll be lucky if only one of them makes it out alive.
Noble back to working with questionable alliances while trying to figure out what is happening around him. Trying to help a widow in his spare time while waiting for a job to commence Jack is drawn into a life and death struggle with an assassin that has been after him for years.
Jack has come out of retirement to work Clarissa. L. T. Ryan writes so compellingly to keep your attention to see what will happen next. It is very difficult to put down this book. Jack Noble is a fascinating character and very disciplined. He likes to help others which puts him in crosshairs with one’s causing the problems. He always seems to be in the middle of trouble. I loved this book, and if you are a Jack Noble fan, you will love it also. I look forward to the next book! Happy reading!
Noble is an interesting character and LT knows how to hook you into the story. Looking forward to Noble Revenge.
Excellent follow-up to last book. Clarissa and Beck hood winked Noble into getting back into game. The cost was Katrins life. But Noble was able to figure out who was trying to kill him. But not who was behind it. But Clarissa is next target as Noble takes Van Dykes place as killer for hire. But the guy running show doesn’t know. 10 stars plus !!!. Thanks, Carl Clause
Jack and his daughter have been safe and enjoying life together. But Jack gets tricked into doing a job and his daughter is taken elsewhere to keep her safe. Can Jack figure out what’s going on? Can he trust the people involved? Fast paced and action packed story.
I have read the 14 books in this series (there are 15) and each have been very entertaining with good stories, plenty of action and hard to put down untill finisched. Looking forward to number 15.


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4.9/5309 ratings