Nova Terra By Seth Ring

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Nova Terra: Catalyst: A LitRPG/GameLit Adventure (The Titan Series Book 9) By Seth Ring


Book/Novel Author: Seth Ring

Book/Novel Title: Nova Terra



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Back from the Abyssal Lands, life is looking pretty good from where Thorn sits. Firmly established as the Stone King, Thorn has added the throne of Rakkam, the Labyrinth City, to his growing holdings.But not everyone is so satisfied with how the game is turning out and when a cursed staff leads Mina to disclose some of her tumultuous past, the team decides to head north. With a small team of some of the best players in the game, Thorn is off on a fast paced adventure to solve a murderous mystery left untouched for two decades.Between an ancient Merfolk Sorcerer, the creeping threat of the corrupted dukes, and an army of evil Elemental Giants, Thorn and the team have their work cut out for them as they seek to discover the truth about the Witches of the Frozen North, and perhaps reveal the mystery of the Titans along the way.Nova Terra: Catalyst is the ninth book in the Titan Series, a GameLit/LitRPG series. If you like immersive storytelling, rich fantasy, and epic adventures with a slice of friendship thrown in, you’ll love the latest book in Seth Ring’s page-turning series.Pick up Nova Terra: Catalyst today and escape to the grand world of epic adventure. Nova Terra: your dreams, your world.
Seth has set the stage for the opening of whole new world. I always knew that you should never trust a frog in and his last book confirmed that. I can’t what to see what Thorin will do next. These books are amazing and you won’t be able to put them down.
Top 5 litrpg series I’ve read. I think events are moving so fast that some established plot points will get bypassed in the story, but I’d love for them all to be completed rather than skipped by
It’s good…it has the bones of everything that makes a litrpg good. Just keeps falling more and more into the OP MC trope…it’s becoming hey we are sooooo OP instead of fighting how we actually can against this enemy who would be a push over..we are going to arbitrarily limit what we do to test out X.Lastly I really hope the story is going somewhere and not just a bunch of fetch quest in a world.
Come on… It is book 9. If you are reading this, then you will read on.And it is worth it. Very enjoyable and fast paced. I will read on.
This story of a sick young man who is the richest person on earth going into a game while his body is being medically repaired was absolutely awesome. Glad I came late to this series and got to read nine books straight over a week. Looks like this wordsmith is starting a new series that’ll read soon.
Love this series and this book is no exception. It’s the right mix of action, progression, and character building.This was an especially exciting entry, as it started right in the middle of the action and hardly slowed down the whole story!


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