Oath of Fidelity By Jane Henry

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Oath of Fidelity: A Dark Mafia Romance (Deviant Doms) By Jane Henry


Book/Novel Author: Jane Henry

Book/Novel Title: Oath of Fidelity



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She’ll pay the price for her betrayal… as my bride.Elise Regazza is beautiful.She’s also a liar.A schemer.A woman who betrayed The Family.And she owes her life for what she’s done.When she begs for mercy, I offer her a single choice: Marry me.Solidify my power in The Family.And she agrees.But make no mistake, little Elise will never be free.Now our vows will be her shackles.My rules will be her collar.And disloyalty will not be tolerated.The traitor will learn to honor and obey the man she hates…For better or for worse.Until death do us part.

Book 3 in the series. I really enjoyed the interaction between Tavi and Elise. Another great story by Ms Henry.
Oath of Fidelity is the third book in the Deviant Doms series. The romance stands alone, but there are events that would make more sense if this series was read in order. Elise has betrayed Tavi’s family, so in retribution, she will marry into the family. Tavi is determined not to fall in love or go soft for his future wife, but when they get a chance to see beyond their shells, can they find something real? What happens when his secrets and her past finds their budding relationship? Wow, this book was everything. There was drama and danger, passion and secrets, mystery and a love that neither wants. I have to admit that once I started this book, I did not want to put it down! I absolutely adored Elise and Tavi, their ups and downs, their fights and vulnerabilities, and ultimately their love. Elise was raised in the mafia, knowing what to expect out of her life, but I loved that she wanted more and wasn’t afraid to reach for it. She was also kind of a BA, stepping up and defending her husband, no matter what she was feeling at the time. I loved her! Tavi was intense. Very dominant and a bit controlling, but it was out of a place of fear for her safety and eventually love. I loved how he acted around Elise and how he could actually show her his vulnerable side. They had amazing chemistry together, they were super steamy, and I loved that they had to go through a whole bunch of craziness before they could find and accept their love for each other. I loved reading this book and am adoring this whole series!
‘Oath of Fidelity’ is Jane Henry’s third book in her “Deviant Doms” series. This time, we get the story of Ottavio Rossi, the Underboss of The Family, and Elise Regazzo, mafia Princess. If you’ve been following the series then you’ll remember that Elise Regazzo was promised to marry Orlando Rossi but traded places with her best friend, Angelina. Once Elise was found and the. situation dealt with, the only way for Elise to stay alive was to marry Ottavio, aka Tavi. This particular storyline took twists and turns I didn’t see coming after Tavi is sent to Tuscany to identify the body of his cousin. These Rossi’s have their own code of honor they live by but don’t think for one minute they aren’t dominant, controlling, and have no qualms when it comes to domestic discipline. On the other hand, this generation of men holds the vows they make sacred which absolutely melted this reader’s heart and caused the inner fires to burn. I can’t wait for the next one.
Taco and Elise get the marriage of their dreams and nightmares in this story. I love that we got to know them more here and really see them shine. Made me fall in love with them and the Rossi family even more.
Loved the characters and story line. Somewhat predictable but still held my interest. Can’t wait to see what comes next


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