Oath of Obedience By Jane Henry

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Oath of Obedience: A Dark Mafia Romance (Deviant Doms) By Jane Henry


Book/Novel Author: Jane Henry

Book/Novel Title: Oath of Obedience



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Marriage to a stranger is only the beginning.She’ll have my baby, too.Many things have changed while I’ve been in prison.The Family has been decimated.Our enemies have gotten bolder.My brother has taken the reins as the new Boss.But one thing hasn’t changed: my loyalty.So when I’m released from prison only to be shackled to the daughter of our organization’s biggest traitor, I agree.My new wife has taken oaths to love, honor, and obey.I don’t want her affection.I don’t need her honor.But I will gladly take pleasure in her body.I will force her to carry my child.And I will have her obedience.But when the dark, dangerous secret she harbors threatens to destroy us,my unwilling bride will learn exactly how I mete out punishment to those who break their oaths…
Marriage of convenience is an odd way to explain this story. Orlando and Elise have been forced into a marriage that neither want. But more to the point, Elise NEVER wanted. We met Elise in the first book- Book of Silence- when her friend takes her place to marry. But of course, Elise is found and forced back home. Orlando is the one that forced Elise home to marry him. He has done some horrible things to get her butt back home. So this book has a lot of ups and downs between the two, but god, it is such a great story. When they are together, these two are such hardheaded characters; I freaking loved it!
Random is wonderful, hes strict but he is very protective and while the women in the family may not like it so much, the take it because if they were captured by an enemy they would be in a world of hurt.
Oath of Obedience is the second book in the Deviant Doms series. It can be read as a stand alone, but this series is so good, you won’t want to. Angelina is married to Orlando Rossi, a man of the mafia, a man with his own agenda, and she’s carrying a dangerous secret. As they grow closer and cultivate their relationship, love enters the mix of danger and loyalty and obedience. But when her secret is revealed, will her love offer hope, or was she only living an illusion? Oh my goodness! This was absolutely one of those books where I read until I could read no more, and when I woke up, I immediately started reading again and didn’t stop until I finished it all! This book was so good! It was the captivating, heart-pounding, edge of your seat, gripping your heart and shaking it as it swoons into a puddle, type of good! Angelina and Orlando were everything I needed from a mafia romance. They had the passion, they had the danger looming over their every decision, and they had the love that was both so craved and unwanted at the same time. Angelina was so loyal, so brave, and a tiny bit reckless, but I absolutely adored her character. Orlando was possessive, protective, besotted, but held firm in his place as head of their relationship. Their passion scorched my reader and I don’t know if it was dying to know what would happen next with their relationship or the hammer that was her secret that had me flipping pages faster! So good! This book had my attention from page one and I didn’t want to look away. I’m already looking forward to the next book, too!
Love this series! This is a good one, great storyline and personalities looking forward to the next in the series!!!
Here you have a very rich mafia guy that gets destroyed as a character by the author’s writing style. I had to push myself to read it. Two days after taking Angelina he is madly in love, that is not realistic. The H uses the words “I ain’t and don’t wanna. Reads like a young teenager wrote it. My first book by this author I believe and my last. The story itself was not good.
Orlando is released from prison only to be told he’s to be married that evening! Elise is the chosen bride in this arranged marriage. She’s in Tuscany with her best friend Angelina and her bodyguard, whom she’s in love with. Since Elise and Angelina look somewhat alike, they decide to switch places and Angelina plans to escape during a fake plane crash. Elise runs off with the bodyguard. Plans go awry however and suddenly Angelina finds herself married to Orlando and he is working his hardest to impregnate her. Interesting convoluted plot. Orlando is the mafia family enforcer, but secretly hates his job. Great characters and a great second in this series. Looking forward to Elise’s story!


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