Oaths and Omissions By Sav R. Miller

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Oaths and Omissions (Monsters & Muses Book 3) By Sav R. Miller


Book/Novel Author: Sav R. Miller

Book/Novel Title: Oaths and Omissions



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Lenny Primrose is a puppet.A temptress sent to make my life bloody miserable.Adored by the public and used for her father’s benefit.Every man wants her, and every woman wants to be her.She’s good for my reputation.That’s the only reason I agree to the little devil’s proposal.I’m game.Willing to play pretend to get what I want.Until what I want is her.Now, there are no rules.I’ll wage a war against the world just to keep her.Even the deadliest men have their vices, and she happens to be mine.****Oaths and Omissions is a full-length, standalone, dark contemporary romance inspired by the Helen of Troy myth. It is NOT fantasy or a literal retelling. If you’re not a reader of the genre, this book may not be suitable for you. Reader discretion is advised.
This book really went hard into the trauma. Like it was trying to out trauma itself. Like ridiculous, skip over, eye roll trauma. I love myself a good dark smut book but this is so far off the mark. She admits to being raped and then her romantic interest ties her up for sexy time! Like uhm? And then on top of that the MFC sucks. She’s a selfish brat with zero self awareness. I’ve only DNFed one book in my life and this almost became number two, except that I wanted to write as accurate a hate review as possible.
I loved all three books in the Monster & Muses series. I was totally sucked in. Finished them in three days. The appearance of Kal in each one, assisting like a Godfather and the updates of his new life with Elena was refreshing to come by. I almost don’t want the Monster & Muses series to end. However, I must say that Elena, of Promises and Pomegranates (book 1), is my favorite female character of all three books. Lenny annoyed me a bit with her lashing out. Nonetheless, I liked her and my heart cried for her situation and what she went through. I suppose in that sense, her actions were understandable. I love love loveee Jonas from beginning to end. He’s much more impulsive than Aiden and Kal which has him springing into action at every turn vs the careful analyzing, waiting and decision making from the men in book 1 & 2. Although, Dr. Death is supposed to be the most ruthless of them all, Jonas is definitely evenly matched, if not worse. “Kill first, ask questions never.” -Jonas
So I’ve read all three books free with this program and of course there was always the damaged girls always the you know a dark backstory. There’s always what the crap moment with like over sexualized but this book is surprising because he most believable romance between the two characters. Spice level one out of five a 8, since book 2 had more spice but besides the point if you want like a dark love story this one’s pretty good.
This book was great the whole series is great Sav R.Miller is a great author 10/10 recommend her books to people whole like dark romance.
I loved this book! It had good character development where I felt attached to the characters which is always really important to me. I really enjoyed this unconventional romance. This book took me through all the emotions and it was a really amazing read. Also to tack onto the great story line and plot the spice was very nice! I highly recommend this book and the others in the series.
“Do you have any idea how stunning you look on your knees?””Not as stunning as I’ll look with you down my throat.”Jonas hates Tom Primrose and Lenny Primrose does NOT want a partner after her recent traumatic experience. Thanks to a party they are forced to attend and a dead body, they are now aware of each other’s existence and they can’t quite keep away from each other.__________________________________________YES.This. Was. Great.I’m a little over the story about how the father dies and we are out for revenge and it’s always the girl’s father. Buuuuuut I loved Jonas and Lenny. Especially Lenny. She didn’t start out as a daddy girl like a lot of the other protagonists I’ve read. She was as a child but she had her own baggage with him and honestly, it’s pretty messed up.Lenny is currently trying to real from a rape situation. It is embedded into a lot of her actions and defenses, so it is a focal point in her development. It is never detailed explicitly but if you are bothered easily by that kind of trauma, this probably isn’t for you. I understood a lot her push and pull with Jonas because of that. It made a lot of sense and you knew why she was doing something even if you were reading from his perspective. Her coping style is different than any other’s I’ve read so even though it was sad, it was cool. It was creative and something not enough people know about.Jonas is a lot more messed up than I realized when he was introduced in the first book. But that’s the best thing about reading from a character introduced earlier on. You think you have an idea of what they are like and you don’t. I honestly don’t know why he does all the things his brother tells him to do? My only guess is because it’s his only family left? But still, there are moments when I wish Jonas would push back a little more. He seems to do whatever Alistair says, almost instantly….“How would Daddy feel if he knew where you were right now? If he knew the man who once held his life in the palm of his hand was currently cradling your cheek and fantasizing about just how wet he can get you?”…Jonas and Lenny are intense. They embrace each other’s dark sides pretty easily and I love that. The sex is fantastic. I love their dirty talk, I looove Lenny’s confidence. I didn’t love Aidan and Riley the way I did Kal and Elena. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about this one at all after the second one. But I think this was my favorite? Although Kal’s dirty mouth can’t be topped.I will say I thought the ending was going to be more intense? That seems to be a reoccurring feeling for me? I just thought it was going to be a bigger issue or last longer. I love that it was Lenny who practically saved herself instead of relying solely on Jonas. I’m really into chicks who murder, lol.I did like the drama with her ex, Preston and how it ended. I don’t know why Jonas works with him for Lenny especially knowing what he did to her. And it didn’t add up to anything. It contributed nothing. But the overall drama really made me love Jonas and Lenny’s relationship….”I reject the notion that I’d notice anyone but you.”…I loved this overall. Jonas and Lenny drove the whole thing for me. I loved their entire romance as well as how they became intertwined. They had their moments but there wasn’t any annoying drama between them that becomes insufferable or unnecessary. But I love any book where I instantly love the girl because I find that a lot of times it is them who I have to warm up to the most.THIS BOOK HAS TRIGGERS. Binge/compulsive eating, graphic sexual scenes, graphic violence, sexual assault, physical assault, torture, murder, cum play, and branding.If any of that offends or triggers you, this is NOT the book for you. Also keep in mind, this book is NOT about villains becoming good guys. Jonas doesn’t change his profession or become a sweetheart. Lenny becomes darker, not the other way around. Many of the characters in this book are doing illegal and harmful things. If you like good boys, this is NOT it.If you like dark violent fantasies with romance and graphic sex, try this. You don’t need to read the other two, they are about different characters. However they do appear in each other’s stories and I think it is worth reading the other two.


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