Obey By Christopher G. Moore

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Obey: Reading Henry Miller and George Orwell in Bangkok By Christopher G. Moore


Book/Novel Author: Christopher G. Moore

Book/Novel Title: Obey

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Obey includes three essays and one short story by Christopher G. Moore. This short collection is a penetrating analysis of the continued influences of Henry Miller and George Orwell work on contemporary literature. The major themes—abuse of power, subservience, and liberty—illustrate Miller and Orwell’s works as models for speaking truth to authority.

“Moore’s noir thrillers and literary fiction—like Graham Greene, he alternates between ‘entertainment’ and serious novels—are subtle and compelling evocations of a part of the world rarely seen through our eyes.” —Macleans

“Moore is an idealist and a lone warrior who doesn’t hesitate to get his hands dirty…. Those who have travelled to Southeast Asia will be captivated by his ability to recreate the atmosphere.”—Le Parisien

“If you read only one expat writer for a flavour of Southeast Asia, read Christopher G. Moore.” —The Daily Yomiuri

“Christopher G. Moore has long been a big name in crime for his Vincent Calvino books, based on the exploits of an American private eye in Thailand’s seedy underbelly.”—Jonathan Gibbs, The Independent

“Moore is a rare writer who is able to meticulously dramatize the complex wiring of the human condition and simultaneously reveal the geopolitical undercurrents while maintaining a skillful control of his stories. Moore is a true connoisseur of Southeast Asia, a man of experience beyond the narrow bounds of culture.”—Thriller Magazine (Italy)

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