Obsessed By Ivy Smoak

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Obsessed By Ivy Smoak


Book/Novel Author: Ivy Smoak

Book/Novel Title: Obsessed



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I’m not a good man. And it turns out I’m an even worse professor.I have sinful thoughts about one of my students. Every night. I picture her in my bed. In my shower. Underneath me. Right up against the chalkboard. I’m especially fond of that one.In my defense, I know her thoughts are as sinful as mine. She’s begging me with her beautiful blue eyes. She’s daring me to cross the line.No, I’m not a good man. And I’m done pretending to be. I know exactly what I’m going to do to her as soon as she walks into my office hours…
In feel like I missed half the story. There’s s lot of repetition but not real clear story. If this is the first incthe series it needs work.
Addicted to her books! The more I read the better they get. Easy reads and can’t wait to read more! Looking forward to more of James point of view!
This is my first jump into the Hunted Series by Ivy Smoak. I very much enjoyed reading about Penny and Professor James Hunter. I haven’t had the chance to read the series from Penny’s POV but now I think my goal will be to read it along with the releases from Professor Hunters POV. Penny is a timid student, James is her professor in was is normally a senior level class. James has a past full of baggage and we have yet to touch the bulk of it. I can’t wait to be able to see it all, from both sides. Both are crazy about each other with tension that breaks relatively early on! Chapter 17 anyone ??? For being a couple who should keep their relationship a secret, they sure do like some very public romps. It honestly makes it all a little steamier My one downfall is the immaturity level of Penny and James towards the end. Both made mistakes of lying by omission, and even if both were lying they were pissed at each other. Ultimately the way they handle things shows that age maybe is not just a number…. Or is it? Guess I’ll continue on when the next book of Professor Hunters POV releases!!! Would definitely suggest, you can finish the whole story from Penny’s POV if desired, but it is not fully released from James POV yet.
Forced myself to finish just for it not to end, no thank you….I’m not even sure why I’m giving two stars instead of one
I tried….but can’t. The age gap and power dynamics usually don’t bother me, but his POV the whole book makes this read too one dimensional. He’s obsessed, to a creepy stalker extent, without the balance of background on her or one chapter from her POV. he creeped me out, which has never happened before. You can write obsessive leads without making him seem like this. This was like a 500 days of summer, obsessed male lead fantasizing a manic pixie dream girl only to have her perfection all in his head and the girl is a empty vat of no depth for the whole story.
It does repeat alot of the same as tempation from pennys view but honestly i dont mind it snice it has extra details from james view. Very detailed! Cant wait for the second book from james view!


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