Of Sand and Snow By Bryce O’Connor

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Of Sand and Snow (The Wings of War Book 5) By Bryce O’Connor


Book/Novel Author: Bryce O’Connor

Book/Novel Title: Of Sand and Snow

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With fifty thousand freed slaves at their back, Raz i’Syul Arro and Syrah Brahnt leave the savannahs of Perce behind. Karesh Syl is no more. Karesh Nan burns in their wake. Beyond the border before them the South looms, ready and waiting, and together Raz and Syrah pray they are prepared for the great offense they must now undertake against the fringe cities.

All the while, however, another threat has threaded her way into the ranks of the Mahsaden, and is waiting only for the right time to pull her web of woven fire tight…

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