Once Upon A Bet By Penelope Bloom

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Once Upon A Bet: A Grumpy Single Dad Romance By Penelope Bloom


Book/Novel Author: Penelope Bloom

Book/Novel Title: Once Upon A Bet



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All I ever wanted was the perfect happily ever after.All he ever wanted was to ruin my freaking life.Okay, that’s a smidge dramatic, but hear me out.My new neighbor might as well plant an “unavailable” sign in his front yard.He’s got biceps made for pulling swooning maidens out of danger, eyes built for melting glaciers (and panties), and a smile that makes my knees want to buckle.But he’s grumpy, stubborn, divorced with two kids, and he’s only in town for three months.It’s pretty obvious I need to stay far, far away.But then he kisses me.First, I see stars. Then I see babies with steely blue eyes and chiseled jawlines.I see white-picket fences and just maybe that happily ever after I always dreamed of.He says the best he can do is three months of casual fun.No feelings. No attachments. Then he’ll move on, and so should I.Remember the part about him ruining my life? Yeah, I didn’t even get to it yet.That all started with a bet.
Once Upon A Bet by Penelope Bloom is the story of Harper and Greyson. Greyson is a 36 year old raising two kids Billy who is 9 years old and his daughter Molly who is 6 years old. When his Grandfather needs help with his Inn he returns to help with a 3 month leave. So his focus is on the Inn and his kids. Harper is a 23 year old who just finished culinary school looking to get experience to open her own restaurant. These two meet and the sparks fly even though they try to ignore them. Billy and Molly where so cute and just gave me the giggles. Enjoyed
I read the story straight through. I was invested. Alpha older divorced father and a young cute red head chef. It was only for 3 months BUT basically feelings at firstSight changed that. The book has steam not a lot of description or a lot of it but it is there. There is angst and the man couldn’t accept he had feelings. So most of book was longing and hurting each other. Then when he smartened up he made his grand gestures and walls back together. The kids were written very cute.
Ms. Bloom is the queen of the RomCom. I haven’t laughed this hard since “My Banana”. Although Greyson was a jerk, he was a good Dad to Billy and Molly. Hadley was a great character who refused to give up on her dreams. Her on/off fling with Greyson was tiring, but he finally got his act together. Would recommend this book to a friend.
Once Upon a Bet is a fun and entertaining story that will keep you engaged and pulled in from the start. Greyson has arrived in town to help his grandfather for several months, and he has his two kids, that like to have fun themselves.When a prank goes sideways, Greyson meets Harper, and their story take a turn of ups and down that you will not want to put down.I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

This has been my favorite Penelope Bloom book so far! I’ve read her other stories, but this one had so much heart to it! The characters were believable and relatable. It wasn’t about some mega rich 28 year old workaholic ass falling begrudgingly for a poor girl with a sad past. I really liked Harper, and I really rooted for her.Very cute story with a HEA… or, her own Once Upon a Time…. worth the read!


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