Once Upon a Time in Silver Lake By Mindy Kaling

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Once Upon a Time in Silver Lake (Nothing Like I Imagined) By Mindy Kaling


Book/Novel Author: Mindy Kaling

Book/Novel Title: Once Upon a Time in Silver Lake



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All Mindy Kaling wants is a night out…but what does the scary stranger in the driver’s seat of her ride want? Find out in a nerve-racking minidrama by the New York Times bestselling author of Why Not Me?When Mindy and her best friend, B.J. Novak, are approached on a dark street by a Charles Manson–esque character, naturally they’re unnerved. Turns out he’s a huge fan of The Office! Now Mindy’s feeling a little judgy. But the night is young, unseasonably hot, and getting weirder. Mindy and B.J.’s brief encounter with the drifter is about to take an unexpected turn in Sunset Junction.From the acclaimed writer, actor, director, producer, and New York Times bestselling author comes Nothing Like I Imagined. In these essays, Mindy Kaling shares the latest chapters of a multitasking life in Hollywood. Read or listen to them in a single sitting. Either way, they’re pitch-perfect.


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