One Little Lie By Avery Maxwell

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One Little Lie: A Small-Town Brother’s Best Friend Romance (The Westbrooks: Family Ties Book 2) By Avery Maxwell


Book/Novel Author: Avery Maxwell

Book/Novel Title: One Little Lie



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She’s the only one I’ll ever love, but I had to let her go.Rylan Maroney is the biggest lie I’ve ever told, and it nearly destroyed everyone in my life. No matter how much it hurts, I can never have her again.He broke my heart and walked away, but he hasn’t let me go.Halton Westbrook has haunted my life from four thousand miles away for the last eight years. I’ve tried to move on, but he makes it impossible.No one knows about us or why I ran away, but he’s gone too far this time, and I have to take a stand.When I return home, he’ll have to decide, keep me, or let me go forever.I’m not sure we’ll survive either way.What you need to know:Small TownBrother’s Best FriendAll The FeelsTroubled HeroDetermined HeroineMeddling Family & Friends Who Become Family
Rylan and Halton became like #3 favorite book couple.. seriously the growth this couple faced and the trials they have to overcome was phenomenal. I did love GG’s meddling and would welcome her in my life.
Halton and Rylan’s story is quite an emotional one. “Give me a word, Hatty” – sunbeam, verity, panacea, calm – they are all of these to each other and more. Halton’s character arc was the larger of the two and at times it was heart-breaking to watch; I thought Avery Maxwell represented mental health issues, and anxiety in particular, with integrity. I loved the strength Rylan found to be patient and forgive and to go after what she wanted. The support Halton and Rylan received from Easton and Lexi was spot on; I loved that they highlighted the need for communication and encouraged therapy as part of the solution. They wouldn’t be the Westbrooks without some hilarity and shenanigans which helped balance some of the heavier nature of the book. As for Halton and Rylan’s chemistry – read by the open freezer door!There were some revelations in the series arc that I wasn’t expecting and look forward to how these play out in the rest of the series.
Yeah, I’m addicted tot he Westbrooks and their “family adjacent.” Halton and Rylan’s story had heartbreak written all over it. Their bond was forged through childhood and shattered at prom. These Westbrooks love and love hard, but damn, they need to work on their communication. Always putting family first, even at their own expense and happiness, seems to be the pattern with them. I love the aspect of words, photos, and drawings that Hatty and Rylan did so often and for so long. Off to read Colty’s story now.
Love this entire series. Especially this one with how it describes panic attacks, and the way to resolve them by getting help. Halton took the long road, but his brothers were there for him so he could be the man Rylan needs. And the women are spectacular!
Gosh I love this series. Here we have the grumpiest brother, Halton. And the girl he’s loved since he was seven.It was a torturous road, paved with miscommunication. Guilt.But the HEA comes.Maxwell is exquisite at wringing real emotion from her characters and scenes.
Hatty and Rylan were children when he left her. He made a bad decision that he thought was for the best for her, thought he had contributed to his father’s death, and went all in trying to manage his very serious anxiety and trauma while trying to make it up to her. Rylan is a hypocritical bitch who did the same thing to Hatty as an adult. She thought only of what he couldn’t give her instead of acknowledging he was bending over backward to give her what he could until he worked on himself. She did not support him or acknowledge how difficult his anxiety and post traumatic stress made his life. Usually, I feel female characters forgive way too easily in a romance novel. In this case, I wanted Hatty to find someone who actually deserved him.


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