One Little Mistake By Avery Maxwell

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One Little Mistake: A Small-Town Enemies-to-Lovers Romance (The Westbrooks: Family Ties Book 1) By Avery Maxwell


Book/Novel Author: Avery Maxwell

Book/Novel Title: One Little Mistake



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Easton Westbrook entered my life like an arrogant, grumpy, wrecking ball, and refused to leave.Our banter is addicting, and nothing I do or say will make him change his mind. But when his mind becomes focused solely on me, I run.I can’t afford to give my heart away again. Not when I’m barely surviving with the broken one I have.I have walls up for a reason. Reasons that are none of his business, but Easton is used to getting what he wants. And when he decides he wants me, I’m not sure I’ll survive it.Lexi Heart entered my life like an arrogant, bossy, she-devil in heels, and I can’t get her out of my head.She’s always ten steps ahead, and I have to admit, I’m intrigued. With every lash of her sharp tongue, she puts me in my place. But when I peel back the layers of her tough girl exterior, I see the broken shell she’s hiding, and my own walls come crashing down.We quickly learn that what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay there, and I know I’m done for. I want this girl in every sense of the word, but can I convince her to take a chance on us? Or will the damage from her past be too much, even for true love?Join Easton and Lexi in their highly emotional journey to a happily ever after. One Little Mistake is an enemy to lovers, accidental marriage romance that will draw you in and refuse to let you go.
Welcome to the chaos will forever be my favourite family motto! I have been looking forward to Lexi and Easton’s story since the Broken Hearts series and it didn’t disappoint, in fact it exceeded expectations. This book goes back further than where One Little Heartbreak left off. They each have a painful past and learning their stories was emotional and heart-breaking. I was so proud (can you be proud of a book character?) of Lexi’s strength to begin to heal and to let others in to help. Easton’s patience and perseverance with Lexi, his continual reassurance that he will walk beside her and not take from her or take over…*BIG swoon* And, wow, the chemistry between Lexi and East is *HOT*! The extended epilogue was perfect and hilarious.I am always impressed with the little breadcrumbs that Avery Maxwell adds to the books that play out later in the series and how so many events interweave into the rest of the series.
A continuation of her broken hearts series. This is Easton’s story. The second oldest of the Westbrook bunch. He and Lexie met when his older brother Preston sent her to work for him.Easton & Lexie have both suffered a loss and heartbreak. Lexi’s is much more devastating by far. Her story is really sad. I was happy to see them finally have their moment.Easton’s past and the side story with his former best friend came out of left field and was a bit ridiculous. Aside from that I really liked this story.Waiting for Ashton and his unicorn.
Easton and Lexie’s book has become my favorite of the two series so far. Both are the product of horrible situations in their pasts. Easton, though, wow…how he falls and falls hard for her and keeps being there no matter what…he stole my heart. Lexie is battling herself more than anything, but doesn’t realize it fully. What she went through was heartbreaking, but she was letting Easton in without realizing it. What am I going to do when this series ends? The Westbrooks are just wonderful!
This was hilarious, all the bickering between Easton and Lexi! Also so touching, to watch Lexi come back from a trauma that was heartbreaking. This family is definitely chaos!
Loved the first series, with best friends Dex, Preston, Trevor, and Loki.This series focuses on the other Westbrooks’. Preston’s real brothers.Great storyline. Continued family drama.Well worth the read.
I LOVED this book!! It kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time! First read by Avery, and it WON’T be my last! 5* for sure!!


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