One Too Many By Melody Anne

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One Too Many (Truth In Lies Book 1) By Melody Anne


Book/Novel Author: Melody Anne

Book/Novel Title: One Too Many



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A brand-new series from NYT’s best-selling author Melody Anne who’s teamed up once again with the fantastic John Henley in a world of high stakes crime as the infamous granddaughter of Joseph Anderson starts her new path in life in Miami with the FBI. This is just the beginning but there’s no stopping this journey Jasmine began seven years ago with a group of Special Ops men where she found her passion in life to take down bad guys while she finds herself.Jasmine Anderson, the firstborn grandchild of Billionaire Joseph Anderson, from Melody Anne’s NYT best-selling series, is determined to make it on her own. She never minded living under the protective umbrella of her family as a child, and even through college it wasn’t so bad, but when she decides her life is meant to serve her community and country in the FBI she knows it’s time to cut the protective stings.Fresh out of the Academy, and ready to take down any criminal who gets in her way, Jasmine doesn’t fully understand how much these criminals are willing to fight back. When multiple men begin shooting, she finally begins to understand the difficult path of her career. The men and women of the underground are devious and willing to do just about anything not to be caught, especially by those in the crosshairs of the FBI — but she’s not afraid.Even when Jasmine isn’t in danger, the past protections she was trying to escape from come to her present and interfere in her first operation, nearly getting one of her best friends in seriously hot water from Jasmine’s FBI team. This won’t work.Jasmine Anderson is breaking the mold away from her ultrawealthy family and proving it takes more than a large bank account to find yourself. Sure, that gives her security, but she’s always been meant for more, and she’s going to show the world exactly what that is.Join Jasmine, her FBI partner, Hunter Sparks, Jasmine’s best friend, Ember Lennox, and Doctor Mora Perez on a brand-new series of crime, deception, drugs, villains, sexual chemistry, amazing partners and new and old friends.
I absolutely LOVE this book, not to mention all of the other series. I am ready for the next book, please!
The characters are interesting. Each has a personality that lends credibility to the plot. Each of the women are strong in their chosen fields. The author took quite a few liberties with the FBI procedures which detracted from the story for me. However, the characters always drew me back in. The book successfully mixed fun with adrenaline. More of a light read than heavy adventure. This was a nice “diversion” for me.
Loved it! I can never get enough from the Anderson’s and the special ops men. Please never stop expanding their stories! Looking forward to the next books in this series!

I like a good intelligent mystery, and this story had all of the qualities to fit that bill. I especially enjoy sassy smart women who own their badassery. I will be back for round two for sure.
Melody and John do it again. Ill be honest, when i saw that the next story was about Jasmine i was notvtoo ecxited i really reallMay the Anderson family never run out of stories.


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4.9/5309 ratings