One Wild Weekend With Hunter By Lexi Hart

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One Wild Weekend With Hunter By Lexi Hart


Book/Novel Author: Lexi Hart

Book/Novel Title: One Wild Weekend With Hunter

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***He was an incredibly fulfilling mountain adventure, never to be repeated….

Still heartbroken over her failed marriage, with her father’s cancer progressing, Natalie returns to sell her family’s beloved mountain cabin. When a mysterious man shows up and offers to help fix the cabin over the weekend, alone and with medical bills mounting, Natalie is no position to turn him down. With nothing but the fire, and a bottle of whiskey to pass the time as they ready the cabin for sale, her increasing attraction to Hunter becomes impossible to resist. After an insanely satisfying weekend ends, Natalie can’t stop thinking about the mountain man who gave her everything her ex-husband couldn’t. But if she keeps asking questions, and looking for answers, she may stir up the ghosts he’s worked so hard to hide from.

  • * If you love Alpha Male Protectors, Opposites Attract, Accidental Romance and Steamy Action Adventure stories with a HEA… The One Wild Weekend Series was written for you! If you’re looking for the next Christian Grey you WILL NOT find him here. You WILL find hot men who know who to protect and please, smart woman, and unpredictable plot twists in a standalone. Warning: R-18 for language, content and scenes that WILL keep you up nights and MAY cause you to spontaneously combust… **


~ Excerpt ~

I don’t know what the hell is happening right now, but this is possibly the most erotic moment of my life.

He’s managed to make a delicious meal out of nothing, he’s feeding it to me all while looking so drop-dead gorgeous it’s a struggle to keep my hands to myself.

He leans closer, bringing the spoon to my lips as he gives me a teasing smile. I swallow, no longer tasting the food as a new hunger slowly builds.

Hunter takes a mouthful and licks the gravy off his lip. “You feeling any better?”

I’m so turned on I can’t even speak. He cleans, fixes things, takes care of me and cooks me dinner? “Who are you?” I whisper.

A dark look replaces his amusement. His posture switches into guarded as he puts the stew on the floor and swipes his mouth. “No one you want to know.”

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