One Wild Weekend With Zander By Lexi Hart

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One Wild Weekend With Zander By Lexi Hart


Book/Novel Author: Lexi Hart

Book/Novel Title: One Wild Weekend With Zander

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She would have followed him anywhere, but he’s leading her places she shouldn’t go…

Mia Dylan has her sights set on Hollywood. 

A tiny role in a Indie horror flick set beside a lake house could be her lucky break.

When she misses her ride and is stranded, she discovers an injured, and exhausted Zander emerging from the lake… naked.

Mia has no choice but to offer him assistance.

After a blissful weekend, Mia  thinks  she’s found her leading man.

But Zander Cole loathes Hollywood and he’s hiding from more than she could have ever imagined…
If you love Alpha Male Protectors, Opposites Attract, Accidental Romance and Steamy Action Adventure stories with a HEA… The One Wild Weekend Series was written for you! If you’re looking for the next Christian Grey you WILL NOT find him here. You WILL find hot men who know who to protect and please, smart woman, and unpredictable plot twists in a standalone. Warning: R-18 for language, content and scenes that WILL keep you up nights and MAY cause you to spontaneously combust…


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