Online Arbitrage – 2020 & Beyond By Chris Green

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Online Arbitrage – 2020 & Beyond: Sourcing Secrets For Buying Products Online To Resell For Big Profits By Chris Green


Book/Novel Author: Chris Green

Book/Novel Title: Online Arbitrage – 2020 & Beyond



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Summary & Review

So, you want to sell online? Great! In my opinion, there has never been a better time to sell online. More and more people are doing more and more of their shopping online, and more buyers mean more opportunity for online sellers! More opportunity also means more competition, but don’t let this worry you. If there are more opportunities to make money, then more sellers will enter the market. You should see this as a positive marker that there is definitely money to be made. If there wasn’t good money to be made, would sellers, including yourself, be entering this market? Of course not! More sellers? More competition? This may sound intimidating, and that may be the reason why you bought this book. The information contained in this book will allow you to buy smart, lower your costs, increase your margins, and source products more efficiently than your competition. Your competition will be way more scared of you than you should ever be of them after you read this book. If they are not using the techniques and strategies outlined in this book, then there is little doubt that their margins are lower than yours are, which means that they are working harder than you are (and for less money). If that trend continues, they will eventually put themselves out of business while your business continues to grow and remain highly profitable.Knowledge is power. Never before in human history has that phrase been more accurate. What you will acquire in this book is the knowledge of how to source products online like a professional reseller.So, what does all of this have to do with product sourcing? It’s been said that when you are sourcing products to sell, you make your money when you buy. This is because if you are buying smart, you are buying at a cost that is sure to maintain your margins. Do you actually ‘make money’ when you buy? No, of course not. But if you buy smart, while you may not always make as much money as you originally expected, you significantly reduce your risk of ever losing money on a purchase for resale.You are using tools, apps, knowledge, strategies, and techniques that allow you to not only find great products to resell, but also to get them at the absolute lowest possible price. This can significantly lower your risk when making buying decisions, almost to the point of zero. You know that you will be able to sell the products for a profit and when you have enough margins built into the products, you will still be profitable even if you have to lower price to due to changing market conditions.One problem that new (and existing) sellers run into is what to sell. Even if they know what to sell, they then need to know where to get it. And even if they know where to get it, they need to know the best way to make their purchases in order to source their products at the absolute lowest possible price.This book will explain how to quickly identify products with great resale potential to buy when shopping online using tools, programs, and apps. We’ll discuss many different ways to lower your final purchase price through discounts, coupons, rebates, and more.There are really no limits as to what types of products you can source and from where you can source them. With the tools and apps available to today’s online sellers, many have figured out that they do not want to discriminate in what they sell. They will sell anything that is profitable! They just need to be able to quickly identify the salability and margin of an item and then they can decide if the item fits into their individual business model.


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