Only One Love By Natasha Madison

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Only One Love (Only One Series #7) By Natasha Madison


Book/Novel Author: Natasha Madison

Book/Novel Title: Only One Love



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From USA TODAY bestselling author Natasha Madison comes a brand new stand alone sports romance. The seventh installment of the Only One Series. A spin off from the Something So Series and This is SeriesWilsonI was the bad boy on and off the ice.I loved it — owned it.Hockey. Women. Money.Until she came into the picture.Now, all I want to do is be better.I want to prove to myself I don’t have to be the guy everyone thinks I am.She knocked down the walls I spent my whole life building.FrannyMy last name opened the doors, but proving I was worth the title of TV producer took all of my time.He walked in with a chip on his shoulder.I was happy to point out all his flaws.Falling for him was inevitable.When scandal hits, no one expected me to stand by his side.Not even him.But I’ve learned that you get only one love.
I loved Wilson and Franny was everything that I expected Mathew’s daughter to be!! I love that we get to see the family in these stories and o the family trips!! Please don’t stop with this family!!
I waited forever, or what seemed like forever, for this to drop and it was totally worth it. Natasha never disappoints. Great book and I can’t wait to read the next one.
I’m sure many readers are going to be happy to read this book, it’s a sex romp from beginning to end. Personally, I thought they were too many! Frances Grant, daughter of the legendary Mathew Grant, had a one-time stand with Brad Willson at her cousin Michael’s wedding. They meet again at the start of the hockey season, he doesn’t remember her but she refreshes his memory. And then it’s affair on again!Both Wilson and Frances are against relationships, Frances is positively allergic to the word marriage! And yet, there’s a strong chemistry between both. But in this case, Wilson is willing to pursue, Frances is still wary and evasive.This would have been a great and fun love adventure, except that Frances is a very sexy girl and has no problem in asking for, demanding and requiring sex. Every encounter with Wilson turns fast into a sexathon, to the detriment of the story as such.With such an excellent author, there is still a lovely story to be had. Frances is dealing with harassment in her series production work, Wilson is being watched for his tendency to start up fights in the ice, there are family times, team interactions, all present and enjoyed. And yet, some situations were not worked to the usual extent, mostly because most of the attention was given to the gazillion sexy romps in the book. I loved the romantic parts, loved the support and loyalty this couple developed, love the family parts and the banter, plus the hockey. There were a couple of instances where I feel the plot line wasn’t completely closed or developed. It doesn’t affect the total enjoyment of the story but I felt the balance between story and sexy times was off in this instance. Still, lovely and entertaining!
I love this family and their antics! Thank you for keeping it going with Cooper’s grandkids and hopefully, beyond. Can’t wait for the next one.
Franny and Wilson what can I say other than they was made for each other.. To say this series gets better is a understatement.. Very good read and I highly recommend it
This was just an ok read for me. To be honest Frances wasn’t my favorite heroine. I love a strong, independent heroine but she just seemed overly aggressive at times. She would sometimes talk and I’d feel like I was listening to a 20 year old frat guy with her commitment issues. I will say the positive was her relying on her trust of Wilson and staying with him during the scandal. This wasn’t terrible by any means but I just didn’t feel their connection as strongly as I hoped.


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