Only One Mistake By Natasha Madison

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Only One Mistake (Only One Series Book 6) By Natasha Madison


Book/Novel Author: Natasha Madison

Book/Novel Title: Only One Mistake



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A one-night stand gone wrong?MichaelBeing traded after fighting with your coach on air isn’t exactly a good look.With one mistake under my belt, I knew I needed to focus on the game and nothing else.But everything changed when I went to pick up my niece and came face-to-face with my very pregnant one-night stand from six months ago.JillianTwo pink lines changed all my plans.So did the guy I had a one-night stand with, a man who made me laugh and smile, a guy who I called to share my unexpected news with, only to find out his number was no longer in service.Once more letdown by the opposite sex, I figured I was doing this on my own.Then one day, I was staring into the eyes of the man I hated, the father of my baby.All it took was only one mistake to change everything.
Only One Mistake Michael and Jillian Surprise pregnancy 3.5 Stars If you are looking for sweet, low drama romance, this is the book for you. It was a decent story, I loved the characters. Michael comes from a hockey family. His grandfather, father, uncles and most of his cousins play. He grew up surrounded by an extended overly exuberant, very large family. There was no lack of love. Jillian lost her father, she and her twin sister were raised by their mom. It was always just the three of them. When her blind date is a no show, she accepts the kindness of an extremely good looking man, and joins him for a drink. One thing leads to another, they spend a very long, hot night together. The next morning they exchange numbers hoping to see each other again soon. Five months later, they finally do reconnect. When Michael walks into her class to pickup his niece. She is none to happy to see him. And he’s stunned to see her, in all her pregnant glory. Once they reconnect Michael is all in. And Jillian is quick to forgive and forget. There was always chemistry between them, it takes awhile to get to an actual relationship, but they do spend a lot of time getting to know each other. What I loved. Michael was great. He’s definitely his father Max’s son. Jillian was a strong woman. Was ready to dig in and raise the baby alone with the help of her mom and sister. The only thing she wanted was to make her baby was surrounded with love. She was a genuinely nice person. Didn’t want Michael spending his money on her, but secretly loved the attention of the gifts he sent. M&M. Max and Matthew. (Something So Irresistible and Something So Perfect)They were their typical selves. Their banter is hilarious. And they love the only way they know how, over the top. What I struggled with. The whole story with the phone didn’t make a lot of sense to me. I was waiting for some drama, or blowback from that. But nothing. The mysterious yellow envelope. Was that something about the phone case? Something else? Why was it brought up if it had nothing to do with the story? The tears. Too many tears. From everyone. Continuity again. I love this author and this hockey family, but she seems to forget details from book to book. In this one it was Cooper and Erika’s daughter that they had before their son. She was in the epilogue of the last book. Overall a genuinely sweet story. They do have a happy ending. No cheating. Even during their separation.
The seventh book in the Only One series and my first by Natasha. Franny is the daughter of Matthew and Callie, and she’s just packed up her life and moved to Dallas for a fresh start. She has a happy and successful life, but she’s busting to step out from under the shadow of her famous family and claim something that is just hers by accepting a new job as a TV producer for a sports show. She’s full of ideas and determined to prove herself. Brad Wilson plays hockey for the Dallas NHL team and is considered the ‘bad boy’ of the team. It’s a reputation he probably deserves on the ice, but it is in no way a reflection of who he is as a person. He’s actually a sweetheart, dealing with a lot, but he’s confident with a great sense of humor, and I loved him pretty much instantly. I had a great time reading Only One Love between this couple’s intense chemistry and the family’s antics.
Written in dual first person POV. Decent amount of sexy times and a little humor. The book gets pretty boring after the middle and nothing really happens to thwart the couple after they get back together. The repetition of the last line from the previous chapter as the first line of the next chapter gets old. Has an HEA but sets up the next book.
That cliffhanger, wholly crap! This was a sweet romance and I loved that the drama happened at the beginning so the rest of the book was special.
Surprise baby done right. I’ve been on a bit of a surprise pregnancy kick for a bit now and I enjoyed this book through and through (its the first book I’ve read in the series). Jillian is trying to get back out in the rating world after her last relationship was a bust, so what better way that a blind date?! But what happens when its not your date Zander that takes yoh home and gives you the most incredible night of your life??! Unforseen circumstances have them meeting up again five months later with a beautiful baby bump to Michael’s surprise. From their its a #swoonfest of falling for Michael and his loud and loving family. Some fabulous spicy scenes, great family banter, just enough hockey scenes and a perfect rockin’ robin adventure. I will definitely have to circle back and read more of this series.
I loved all of the other books in the series but this book was so predictable that it was almost painful. I found myself skimming and skipping just looking for some originality. Definitely not her best work.


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