Only the Devout By Amanda M. Lee

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Only the Devout (A Death Gate Grim Reapers Thriller Book 4) By Amanda M. Lee


Book/Novel Author: Amanda M. Lee

Book/Novel Title: Only the Devout

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Izzy Sage should be on top of the world but the revenant threat has her watching her back. Things only get worse when an oddball cult looking for a door to another world show up on Belle Isle and start circling the parking lot while demanding entrance to the other side.
Izzy is out of her league when it comes to dealing with the group – especially their charismatic leader who pushes all of her buttons – and when a body drops outside the aquarium, her suspicion is piqued.
As much as she wants to focus on the revenants, the cult has to take priority. The more Izzy digs, the more disturbing information she finds. It seems at least one member has ties to Paris’ past and another cult run amok … and further ties just might lead to the current threat hanging over the reaper world’s heads.
Death is basically knocking on the door between worlds and it’s anybody’s guess who will answer.
That all pales in comparison to the bigger news. The Grimlock grandparents, Emmet and Mary, have arrived in Detroit … and they’re not happy. They have plans for each Grimlock – and their significant others – and they refuse to back down.
It’s utter chaos in the reaper world and there’s trouble at every turn. Izzy has to sort it all out … if she survives long enough to untangle an unsavory bundle of threads that lead to mayhem and destruction, that is.

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