Operation Mockingbird By Linda Baletsa

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Operation Mockingbird By Linda Baletsa


Book/Novel Author: Linda Baletsa

Book/Novel Title: Operation Mockingbird

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OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD MIRRORS TODAY’S HEADLINES WITH ITS STUNNING REVELATIONS ABOUT THE DARK RECESSES OF MEDIA MANIPULATION. Miami journalist Matt Connelly returns home from the Middle East eager to resume his once successful writing career. He soon learns that a powerful public relations firm is manufacturing the news and feeding this propaganda to an unsuspecting public. Reporters who don’t go along are being intimidated, tortured — or worse. This firm will stop at nothing to maintain the spin, including murder. Matt Connelly vows to expose the truth as well as the unholy alliance among business, the government and the media but soon finds himself on the run from those determined to silence him.

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