Operation Wolf Rescue By Zoe Chant

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Operation Wolf Rescue By Zoe Chant


Book/Novel Author: Zoe Chant

Book/Novel Title: Operation Wolf Rescue



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Four puppies (one of them his lost nephew… but which?)Three days trapped in a motel with his oblivious fated mate.One bed.When someone on the mountain wants to surrender a pack of wolf-hybrid pups, animal rescue volunteer Pearl Nguyen throws some puppy chow and her biggest crate into the back of her station wagon, and she’s on her way. She can handle four wolf-hybrid puppies, even if she was only expecting three, but she didn’t expect the storm, and she definitely didn’t expect Cassidy Madsen.Cassidy Madsen, six feet of tough cowboy wolf shifter, only wants one thing: to find his lost nephew and to get him home safe. Then he lays eyes on Pearl, his fated mate, his one and only, and suddenly everything is much more complicated.Stranded in a motel with a pack of adorable puppies and only one bed during the storm of the century, Pearl’s losing her heart faster than she ever imagined possible. Cassidy has to figure out how to tell her they were made for each other and that he and one of her rescue pups are wolf shifters without sending her screaming into the night.Can Cassidy convince her that she belongs with him, and will he ever figure out which puppy is actually his nephew?
I have LOVED every book I have read by Zoe Chant (I have read at least 20 so far) !! They are so cute and quickies (to me anything under 200 pages is a quickie); I have laughed so hard I cried. I have told everyone about this author !!! Zoe is AWESOME !!!! You will not be disappointed in any of her books !!!!
Cute story about a man who found the impossible dream while chasing after his nephew. Big families can be a pain and a blessing.
Love where.you least expect it. Lost a nephew, rescuing wolf-hybrid pups and finding love. Great story! I didn’t put it down until I finished the book. Would like more!!
This is a different type of shifter story than I read written by other authors. I guess I have to realize not all Authors write their shifter stories the same. I usually enjoy reading Ms Chant’s books. This one was OK.
Lovely read about Zoe Chang’s shifters. In this one you get Cassidy a wolf shifter, and a young woman who rescues strays.
Great story and very well written. Love the humor mixed in. Shows love comes from everywhere without bias. Thank you


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