Otterly into You By Erin Nicholas

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Otterly into You By Erin Nicholas


Book/Novel Author: Erin Nicholas

Book/Novel Title: Otterly into You



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They’re not-quite enemies. They’re not-really friends. They’re definitely not lovers. But they’re absolutely going to be one of those things when this is over.He really doesn’t want to want this woman.Or her otters.And no, “otters” is not a euphemism.She has otters. And she wants him to take care of them. And he’s going to say yes.Is that going to get him laid?Probably.Is that a good idea?Definitely not.Is he going to do it anyway?Absolutely yes.And he isn’t at all surprised to find that’s just the start of all the chaos…Otterly Into You is the prequel to the full-length, stand alone, HEA, rom com Kiss My Giraffe!
This read is short and sweet and full of sexual tensionThe bond between Knox and Fiona is undeniably sizzling. I cannot wait to find out what happens next between these two.
Hawt intro to the book. SO glad I read it. Can’t wait to dive into Kiss My Giraffe. These two practically sizzle on the page.
This was such a tease! I read this so quick I had Togo back and read it AGAIN! ANNNNNDDDDDD Another tease with the first part of Knox and Fi’s story! Erin Nicholas is a new to me author and it is safe to say I WILL be reading all of her work!!!!!
There was nothing to dislike about this book love reading these books I highly recommend them that is why I chose this rating!!!
This was written to make you look forward to Fiona and Knox’ s book – Kiss my Giraffe.Erin Nicholas is a talented author who writes fun ,clever ,sexy books with very interesting and likeable characters who live in unusual towns and cities. She doesn’t only expand on the two main characters personalities but also writes several other characters more well rounded making them likeable enough that you want then to have their own stories.
Loved the preview and can not wait to read the whole book. Love this family and series. Of you like funny stories with crazy families you wont want to miss thesw books.


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4.9/5309 ratings