Out of the Ashes By Cara Dee

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Out of the Ashes (The Game Series Book 5) By Cara Dee


Book/Novel Author: Cara Dee

Book/Novel Title: Out of the Ashes



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The Game Series #5, StandaloneWe screwed up, Master.It wasn’t until I stood there alone in the ashes, raw, naked, enraged, and in more pain than I could handle that I realized we’d been wrong from the beginning. I saw our history in the rubble—all our memories, the pictures filled with devotion and laughter, my wholehearted submission to him. And we had to rewrite the ending. We had to. Kingsley and I couldn’t be over. I missed him so much that it hurt to breathe. But we had burned out.We will burn again, baby.Our biggest mistake had been to put an expiration date on a love destined for eternity. We’d been blinded by our kinks not lining up perfectly. We’d let fears and insecurities rule in silence, and it was time to confront them head on. We were going to expose ourselves, push every limit, and reignite. Because Tate and I belonged in the fire. We played hard and loved even harder. I wouldn’t allow the unknown to terrify us, to restrict us, even if our new path was…unconventional. Even if we brought in someone else to light the match for us.We’ll burn together.-The Game Series is a BDSM series where romance meets the reality of kink. Sometimes we fall for someone we don’t match with, sometimes vanilla business gets in the way of kinky pleasure, and sometimes we have to compromise and push ourselves to overcome trauma and insecurities. No matter what, one thing is certain. This is not a perfect world—and maybe that’s why the happily ever after feels so good.
What a ride with Lee and Tate. It was so emotional, but satisfying in the end. I loved the Brat Boot Camp! This book was a fantastic addition to the series with cameos of characters from past books.
I love how Kingsley and Tate spoil each other. I had trouble getting into some of the primal play. The underwater play did it for me! Franklin being part of their dynamic is very hot. I love Cara’s books. The Shepherd is next for me.
Ok from start to end I love this book and can’t wait to see what comes next. I worried a little, I tested up a little and laughed a lot.
Kingsley/Lee and Tate had a great bond until Lee found texts on Tate’s phone from a parent of one of his students. Lee believes that Tate and Franklin are having an affair so they break up. Tate is also a switch but he doesn’t have a way to let his dom out. One night while at a bar Franklin confronts Lee and tells him that he and Tate never had sex. Lee notices that Franklin has a humiliation kink and that’s one of his top kinks too. At a brunch one afternoon Lee and Tate run into each other and confess they can’t live without one another. They get back together, eventually Lee asks Tate about Franklin playing with them so he can do his humiliation kink and Tate can let his domination out on Franklin. This book has steam, romantic gestures and a sweet HEA. I really liked this book until the primal play bit. To much was going on with to many people so I had a tough time of keeping track of everything. Other wise I would have given it 5 stars.I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
I can’t get enough of this series. Its addictive! The emotions leave you feeling raw and exposed. Then you can feel the love and borderline obsession like a comfy blanket. The Primal Play is relatively new to me, but utterly fantastic! And I love the dynamics while at house Mclean. It’s going to be so very hard waiting on the next book.
Another great story in The Game Series! Kingsley and Tate are perfection together, their connection undeniable. I love all of the characters from the house, an amazing family,


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