Outcast Girl vs Pretty Boy By Jordan Ford

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Outcast Girl vs Pretty Boy By Jordan Ford


Book/Novel Author: Jordan Ford

Book/Novel Title: Outcast Girl vs Pretty Boy



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A protective boyfriend. A girlfriend who wants to fit in. Can love give them the strength to face the ugly secrets they’re hiding?

She’s the most precious person in my life. I’d do anything for Bianca.
Except introduce her to my family.
I know she wants to meet them, but I can’t predict what my dad might do.
How can I tell her that?
Our ugly family secret stays locked within our house, just the way Mum wants it to be.
I won’t expose Bianca to it.

But she’s starting to pull away from me.
I can feel the wedge growing between us, and I don’t know how to stop it.
Maybe she’s hiding something from me too. The light in her eyes doesn’t shine so bright these days.
I wish I could figure out what is eating at her.

Life is so much easier when I can just paste on a smile and pretend that everything’s sweet.
But maybe I can’t this time.
Maybe I have to let her into the dark side of my world… or I could lose her forever.

Outcast Girl vs Pretty Boy is the fourth story in the heartfelt Forever Love YA contemporary romance series. If you like love stories with a twist, family secrets, and characters you can root for, then you’ll adore Jordan Ford’s candid romance.

Buy Outcast Girl vs Pretty Boy to see raw honesty triumph over painful secrets today!

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*Share the love: A portion of the proceeds of this book will go to www.Love146.org *


????? “Sweet unique, and compelling characters… Fantastic read with plenty of teenage angst, drama, some bullying, and some surprising twists in the plot. I loved this book and I love this series.” – Laure

????? “I’ve made it clear that I love this series and this may be my favorite book yet. It’s so real.” – Jennifer G

????? “As expected Jordan gives us a heartwarming story about this uncommon family and touches certain hard topics in such a loving and wonderful way. Every time I read one of her books it’s like she’s touching my soul.” – Karla

????? “I love love love this series and this novel so much more than I can express in words.” – Sophie Koufes

???? “This is such an awesome series. I love reading about this family and the characters all feel so real. They have some tough things to deal with, but it’s also full with such beautiful moments.” – Lola

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