Outsider By Trinity Towers

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Outsider: Upper East Side By Trinity Towers


Book/Novel Author: Trinity Towers

Book/Novel Title: Outsider



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Summary & Review

Private schools… Luxury Clothes… Life on the Upper East Side…
It would take a miracle for a girl like me to live that life…or a lottery ticket. And when Mom and I win, it’s bye-bye trailer park, hello glitz and glamor.
But this world isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.
The kids of Greisbach Academy don’t know about my sudden rise to wealth, but they can tell that I’m not one of them. And they haven’t been shy about letting me know I’m unwelcome.
I never thought I’d wish for my old life, but it can’t get any worse.
Jaxson Weiss is the king of Greisbach Academy, and for some reason he has his eyes set on me. He has the need for a fake girlfriend and he chose me—the newbie. Playing along with his scheme could earn me a better place in the school hierarchy, but if I fail things will be even worse than I imagined.
He looks like Prince Charming, but I’m not falling for the King of A**holes. Not even when he looks at me like that, or when he kisses me for show…and for real. I’m going to be immune to his charms and survive my senior year.
I won’t be another one of Jaxson’s conquests…no matter how much my traitorous body might want him.





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