Owned by the Mob Boss By Nicole Fox

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Owned by the Mob Boss: A Dark Mafia Romance (Ivanovich Bratva) by Nicole Fox


Book/Novel Author: Nicole Fox

Book/Novel Title: Owned by the Mob Boss

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She is untouched. Innocent. Desperate. Mine. I was raised to rule. Hardened by the laws of my family: Take what needs taking. Break what needs breaking. Camille is no exception. Her body belongs to me now, Courtesy of a substantial cash payment to the Archangel Vision auction. I know she fears me. I know she wants me. But what I want to know is this: Is she ready to give me a child? *** A young woman desperate to save her mother turns to her last resort: a ruthless mob boss in search of an heir. What starts as a business arrangement explodes into passion that neither expected. But can Camille survive in Erik’s dangerous world? Find out in OWNED BY THE MOB BOSS.

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