Paper Dolls By Emma Chamberlain

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Paper Dolls: Book One By Emma Chamberlain & Blythe Stone


Book/Novel Author: Emma Chamberlain

Book/Novel Title: Paper Dolls

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**For fans of shows and books like “Pretty Little Liars” and “Big Little Lies.” This dark romance is set in a private school along the California coast. A charismatic teacher has gotten his hands into something criminal. Two girls find themselves tangled up in his sticky web.**
Avery Lockhart and Olivia Holbrook are both good at everything they try. Avery is the star of the swim team and Olivia has captured every academic accolade that Huntington Prep has to offer. Yet, as two very different girls from very different backgrounds, their paths have never crossed. That changes when Olivia’s favorite teacher assigns her to interview Avery for the yearbook. One simple meeting alters their potential paths, setting into motion a string of events that will make them realize that there’s more to life than playing the roles that have been picked out for them.
***** This is the first book in the Paper Dolls Series. A Best-Seller in the Lesbian Romance genre.** *****

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