Paradise Lagoon By Caroline Peckham

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Paradise Lagoon (The Harlequin Crew Book 4) By Caroline Peckham


Book/Novel Author: Caroline Peckham

Book/Novel Title: Paradise Lagoon



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I made my choice. I took the hard way out. Now all of our fates are riding on the dice I’m about to throw and luck never was on our side.I was whole once, with my boys in this slice of paradise we’d carved out for ourselves, but in the time that we were parted we grew up. Grew apart. And as much as I might have yearned to reclaim that girl with the sand between her toes and the sun on her cheeks, it’s time I admit that I spent too long in the shadows to ever truly be her again.My heart may be breaking for the men I left behind, but I know that I can make that pain count for something, because I’m no fool believing the pretty promises of a mad man.No. I’m the assassin he just opened his fortress to. And now that I’m inside, I intend to repay him for every moment of suffering he has inflicted upon me and my boys.Shawn Mackenzie thought he killed me once upon a time. Now this dead girl is back to return the favour.***Trigger Warning: please be aware this book contains dark scenes of sexual assault and rape. This is NOT done by any of the love interests***Read more
This series is one of my absolute favorites and this installment is no different. The characters just continue to develop in the most satisfying way!!
Genre : Contemporary reverse haremSeries : Yes. Book 4 in the Harlequin Crew series (Sinners’ Playground is book 1, Dead Man’s Isle is book 2, & Carnival Hill is book 3).Heat : High Heat. It has graphic sexual content with mmf, mfmm, and mf encounters. Also, while the mmf doesn’t necessarily have any “sword crossing”, there is still some “sword touching”, so I’m calling it mmf.Triggers : On-page violence and death. Recollections of abuse and threats pertaining to maiming and rape.Kink : On-page situations that involve breath play, light edging, kidnap/abduction/rape fetish scene.Cliffhanger : Yes.There isn’t too much I can say about these authors that I haven’t already said. They are wonderful, talented, and truly awful people. I mean….tis the truth. The freaking emotional torture that they love putting us through is terrible, but I can’t stop coming back for more and more.While the cliffhanger at the end of Paradise Lagoon is a doozy, I do think that they have had some other ones that are worse. Don’t get me wrong, I was a complete screaming banshee at the end of this one and wanted to randomly punch people in the face as I stomped about, but I did not have to replace a kindle after reading this one, and that is always a plus.We learn so much in this book, more character backstories, and answers to things that have been looming since book one, but there are still a couple of things that have yet to be answered. Also, the drama with freaking Shawn really hits a boiling point, and I WANT HIM DEAD!!Rogue has really matured since first meeting her in SP, and I mostly like the woman she’s becoming, and things with most her guys are progressing nicely. And, speaking of the guys, while JJ has normally been my #1 boo, things kind of changed for me this book. Badger managed to finagle his way into that #1 slot, and Rick shot down to last. I know people will hurt me for this, but Rick annoyed the ever loving crap outta me in this one. I don’t know why, but I just was NOT feeling him.As always, I definitely recommend that you read this one if you are following this series, and if not, I absolutely recommend you start it. This is hands down one of my all-time-favorite contemporary RH series to date. You will scream, you will laugh, you will cry, and you will curse the authors to hades and back, but you will have a dang good time the whole while.
Finally everyone seems happy and BAM of course we can’t expect HEA!!! I’ve loved the internal struggles each has had with themselves and how they are trying to overcome the reality that it’s not true.
I love these characters so much and the way this book is written gets me so lost in their world but these cliffhangers are ROUGH .. I can’t wait for the next book!!
Well I saw plenty of people referring to this book as Paradise LaDOOM and they weren’t wrong. I hate Shawn with a passion and hope he meets a gruesome end in the last book in the series. Mutt remains my favorite, he’s just the best boy and knows what’s up, except when it comes to treats. Rogue is still such a badass, even if she mad that one mistake, and even if that mistake was for the good of the men she loves. Caroline and Susanne, you’ve done it again with that cliffy…might be one of the most shocking yet! As sad as I am to see the series end in Gallows Bridge, I need to know what happens to Rogue and her boys!!
Overall, the story and characters are very interesting. The problem is with the individual books. They are entirely too long and just not enough is happening. They should be consolidated instead of drawn out. It’s virtually ruined the series for me as I skim about 30% of the book out of sheer boredom.


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