Particle Z By Tim Scott

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Particle Z: An Apocalyptic Zombie Tale By Tim Scott


Book/Novel Author: Tim Scott

Book/Novel Title: Particle Z

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Scientists had long theorized about the existence of the God Particle. When the Large Hadron Collider was ready for experimentation, society was anxious, but more concerned with planet-sucking black holes than the seemingly mundane research the best and brightest among us had in mind.

No one could have predicted the actual consequences that would befall civilization when science and machine were pushed beyond mankind’s limited understanding.

Or had it been foretold?

The result of tampering with life’s building blocks was catastrophic, beyond comprehension.

Mike Sullivan and his stalwart group of friends must work swiftly to find a place of safety and people they trust as society unravels around them.

Dare to enter this dark universe and find out if they survive or fall victim to Particle Z and the Changed.

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