Party Girl’s First Date – A Short Story By Rachel Hollis

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Party Girl’s First Date – A Short Story (The Girls) By Rachel Hollis


Book/Novel Author: Rachel Hollis

Book/Novel Title: Party Girl’s First Date – A Short Story

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The Girl’s Series Novella – Landon Brinkley is twenty-four years old and she’s never been on a real date. That’s mostly because she’s been working so hard on her dreams she hasn’t had time to bother with men. But then Brody Ashton walked into her life and since he looks like an underwear model (but you know, with clothes on) it was kind of impossible not to take notice.

So Landon and Brody are dating now, or really, beginning to. It’s all very new and exciting and there’s only one problem… they still haven’t gone on a real date. So that’s what tonight is supposed to be; magical, romantic, expensive… and it’s about to go horribly wrong.

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