Path of Justice By Robin James

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Path of Justice (Mara Brent Legal Thriller Series Book 5) By Robin James


Book/Novel Author: Robin James

Book/Novel Title: Path of Justice



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To everyone else, Denny Sizemore is the handsome face on a highway billboard. A man to be trusted. Respected. Re-elected. To college student Neveah Ward, he is her monster.When Neveah accuses the former mayor of a brutal rape, it’s easier for everyone not to believe her. Mayor Sizemore has lived his life in the public eye. He’s a family man. A rising star in Ohio politics. She’s a nobody with questionable motives and a shady past.Except DNA doesn’t lie and Neveah never wavers from her story.Lucky for her, Prosecutor Mara Brent never backs down from a worthy fight. The case will pit Mara against some of the biggest power players in the state. They soon learn Mara can’t be bought. But she has plenty at risk in her personal life as she gears up for a nasty custody battle against her formidable ex-husband.Mara’s willing to put her career on the line to champion Neveah. But when the rape trial takes a shocking turn, the fallout could cost Mara what she cherishes most of all. Her son. This time, the path to justice could reveal a dark family secret those close to her would do anything to protect.Path of Justice is the gripping fifth book in the Mara Brent legal thriller series. If you like political intrigue, edge-of-your-seat courtroom drama, and plot twists you’ll never guess, then scroll up to one-click Robin James’s latest novel.
Robin James’ Mara Brent series have forced me to binge! What a great series of legal books, with so much more. The heroine has an autistic child, and will go to ANY length to protect him. Her hubbie has a fault or two, but loves their child. And there is no shortage of bad people who need to be processed and prosecuted. How unlike our current world!.But Mara is more than ready, and this lady won’t quit. But she has a blind spot. Potentially deadly. And book after book takes us closer and closer to her epiphany. And every book is worth it!I strongly recommend this series, There’s plenty of enabling and disfunction for all! 5 STARS!!Congrats!
Each book in the series gets better than the last. This one is very complex with multiple intersecting plot lines. Mara and her son are in the crosshairs as mechanics are at work. What begins as a rape trial mushrooms into something else with catastrophic results that will keep you on the edge of your seat. But there’s a light at the end of a very dark tunnel both for Kat and Bree and for Mara and Will.
Always enjoy a book by Robin James. This is the 5th in the series about Mara Brent. Mara is a lawyer and is handling a rape case. A very high profile one. It is the Mayor of town. Mara knows that this is going to be a hard case to prove, as it is his word against her client.While going through this trial, she is also fighting for custody of her child, Will. Her husband, Jason, is a politician and has hired a well known lawyer to fight to take Will away from her.The book has got courtroom drama, and a real mystery to be solved. Mara is in for the fight of her life.
This is only the second Mara Brent book that I have read. I will be ordering another one tomorrow and diving into it promptly thereafter.
Robin did it again! She gave another roller coaster, page turning, riveting novel starring Mara Brent! I couldn’t put it down.Mara balances work, home, Will, her clients and gives her all! She doesn’t back down. She doesn’t give up, even if she could lose it all.
Whew. The personal stuff in this was really weighing me down and frustrating but there’s always a reason. I was not surprised by some of these revelations. I think the signs have been there all along but Mara refused to look. I almost quit the whole series towards the end when I thought Mara made a different decision than she had. I’m looking forward to the next book!


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