Peony Dreadful By Nancy Warren

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Peony Dreadful: Village Flower Shop Cozy Mysteries By Nancy Warren


Book/Novel Author: Nancy Warren

Book/Novel Title: Peony Dreadful



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Witches, Murder, and Flowers make quite the bouquetPeony Bellefleur runs Bewitching Blooms, the charming flower shop in a picture-perfect Cotswold village in England. Her flowers seem to make the sick improve, wedding days happier, and birthdays more special because she infuses her bouquets with a little magic.Peony’s a witch in a village that seems too perfect to be true. Probably because it is.She’s got her hands full between running her flower shop, managing her mother, who’s a medium with a habit of conversing with the dead wherever she happens to be, and helping her protégé to embrace her newfound powers.When someone dies, Peony suspects foul play. But can she solve the mystery before she’s the one pushing up daisies?Find out in this brand new series of flower shop mysteries from a USA Today Bestselling Author.
Really enjoyed reading Peony dreadful, as much as I enjoyed the vampire knitting club series. Surprisingly I didn’t figure out who done it till the very end
Loved it. Since I love witches. Character was awesome. I like the flowers shop. MysteryAround the deaths in the story.
Outstanding first book in a new series by one of my favorite authors. This book is written as if the main character is taking you into her confidence and sharing info with you as if you are friend rather than a reader. It’s a unique change from many books I read, and I absolutely love it. I listened to this via audiobook and the narrator is fabulous as she truly brings the characters and plot to life making it more entertaining than you would think possible. I love that the main character is a strong female making a good and profitable life for herself after her husband’s passing by running her flower shop and renting out rooms in her house while also managing to become an amateur sleuth with a bit of help from her friends! I can’t wait to see or rather listen to what happens in the next book!
This is the first book in a new series by Nancy Warren and it rocks. I had a few minutes of having to reorganize my thought pattern that these are new people and not the older ones from other series. It starts off a bit slow but that helps to get to know the players in this series. It threw me for a bit but one the book was further along it made sense and it really helped. The plot was good and kept moving along a decent pace. I imagine as the series progresses the characters will flesh out and be more real. I enjoyed the familiars in the book, hopefully we can get to know some of the other ones and not just the 2 main ones. It is a good start to this series and not I want the next one like right now lol
A good cozy, and a nice whodunit. Very good characters and well written with a good bit of humor. Kudos.
I’m a big Nancy Warren fan. I have read so many of her books. A witch that owns a flower shop. Sounds right in line with her cozy mystery writing. I was instantly delighted and so engaged with the setting and the problems in a small English village. I was charmed. If anything, I read it too dang fast. I might have to read it again. Yay for indie authors!


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