Perfect Convergence By Elira Firethorn

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Perfect Convergence: A Reverse Harem Erotic Romance (Ruthless Desires Book 2) By Elira Firethorn


Book/Novel Author: Elira Firethorn

Book/Novel Title: Perfect Convergence



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After entering into a tentative relationship with three mysterious men, Wren quite literally walks right into the part of their lives they’re trying to shield her from: their job.Wren is pulled on a dangerous mission with Elliot, Rhett, and Oliver, and they’re forced to introduce her to a side of themselves they’d rather hide.While they fight to keep each other safe, Wren realizes she had no clue what she signed up for when she decided to intertwine her life with theirs. But she can’t help how quickly her affections for these men are growing.Elliot, Rhett, and Oliver are unsure how Wren will react to their morally grey lifestyle, but they know they can’t keep it from her forever. The only thing they can do is hope she’ll handle it well and stay with them so they all have a proper chance with her.Perfect Convergence is the sequel to Blissful Masquerade and book two in the Ruthless Desires Series. It’s a dark, erotic reverse harem romance novella that contains a lot of steam, some kink, swearing, and violence. Please read the whole TW at the beginning of the book.
This book picks up immediately after the ending of book 1 and Rhett wakes up to blood on the sheets and immediately freaks out looking for Wren. When she explains that she just got her period and is in pain, he goes and gets her pain meds and takes her to work. I mean, yes that’s not that big of a deal but it is still so sweet. Again, this book falls strictly into the erotica genre. I think 75% of it is smut. The plot that we do get is still interesting but I am a sucker for how hot this book is. Chapter 11?!?!?! Oh my god. Let’s just say this, it’s still shark week and Rhett is HUNGRY. This entire chapter is dedicated to bedroom activities that get a little… bloody. I didn’t know I needed something like this until I read it. Men not being afraid of a little blood? SO hot.While this is another short book, it was still very enjoyable and I’m looking forward to book 3. No cliffhanger either which is awesome. I stand by what I said in my review of the first book that this series is great for when you want to turn your brain off and other parts ON. 🙂
I really didn’t know what to expect when going into book one and book two but I’m so invested in Oliver,Wren,Elliot, and Rhett’s story. There are many touching moments in this book but when they tell Wren “if, somehow, we lost you, we’d burn the whole world to the f*[email protected]*!* ground to find you again.” That did something to me! I love these characters! And for this is give this book / unicorns
i stumbbled on the first book, Blissful Masqurade and was taken back.. i fell instantly in love with these books and the characters.i HAD to get and read the second one. it was everything a second book needs to bethe building of relationships, the tention, drama and the love all wrapped up in this one bookwhere is book 3!!
I don’t like m/m/m usually. I like fmmm all the time. But I like ELL and O and Rhett So I guess I’ll continue on
Ok so I love a good series and don’t mind waiting for the next book when it calls for more books. This one doesn’t there was absolutely no reason for this to be 2 books. Both books a very short and sweet. I love Wren and her guys and will read the next book but I do wish since they were a series they could be longer. Oh well it was nice steamy short read.
So the second book was just as steamy but so much extra! So great… better even than the first. No weird plot holes. Also the third book has come out yet So sad, I can’t wait!!!


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