Perfect Storm 1 By Bobby Akart

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Perfect Storm 1: Post Apocalyptic Survival Thriller (Perfect Storm Series) By Bobby Akart


Book/Novel Author: Bobby Akart

Book/Novel Title: Perfect Storm 1



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It began as a spectacle like no other.They called it the Night of the Northern Lights – a phenomenal light show generated by the power of the sun. It ended in a powerless world thrust into chaos.International bestselling author, Bobby Akart, one of America’s favorite storytellers, delivers up-all-night thrillers to over a million readers in 245 countries and territories worldwide.”Bobby Akart is a genius at creating disaster scenarios.” This new survival thriller series thrusts North America into darkness beginning with the most dynamic city on Earth, New York. The city was filled with excitement as the news media hyped this as a “once in a hundred years” event, promising the famous New York skyline would be painted in hues of blue and green. What they didn’t count on was the Perfect Storm creating a solar event so strong that it collapsed the power grid throughout North America.The city of New York descended into mayhem with remarkable speed. The thin veneer of civilization was laid bare as man fought one another for survival in the city that never sleeps.It was the day the sun brought darkness.”He’s right up there with James Patterson, David Baldacci, Brad Thor and others that write thrillers. To me he actually surpasses them!”With over sixty novels published worldwide, Bobby Akart delivers intense, up-all-night thrillers that have you whispering just one more chapter.
Akart has done it again with this page turning, character driven tale of what could possibly be ripped from the headlines, mind you if this horrific story of the Earth being struck by possibly 2 solar flares there will no longer be headlines to read. 350 miles round trip separate two members from the rest of their family when this chilling event happens. Can they reunite or even survive, that is the big question? Looking forward to the next books in this series.
It scares me at times to think our future will become this bad. We are so divided now no-one is going to listen to reason. I hope it doesn’t but it is books like this that keeps us on our toes. I can’t wait for book 2!! I have read more than a few of Bobby Akart’s series of books. Always a great read.

The author is very talented and the book is well written. The story line is great and the characters are (perhaps too) well developed.Consider Book 1 to be an overview introduction to a book series. It is a necessary read in order to follow the story line. However, I do not honestly believe that most people will have the patience to literally endure the first 40 percent of this book before any “event” occurs at all.Honestly, I will give the author credit for following a sequential storyline, rather than using a series of annoying flashbacks to fill in the missing pieces. But my goodness! The author really stretched the initial character and story development so long that my initial guess was that this series was going to be at least 20 books in length.I would say that this is a worthy read if you think you can make it through the first half of the book. Only buy Book 1 if you also plan on buying (at least) Book 2. Otherwise, you might come away with the feeling that you wasted your time.Again, if you wonder why I gave it even 3 stars, please reread the first paragraph of the review. I truly do believe this series has potential.
Like watching a movie that is so enthralling, I got so wrapped up in this book, it was like a slap in the face when it ended. The characters are captivating, and the storyline is just mesmerizing. I am out of breath. Such captivating writing!!! Great job, Bobby Akart. You nailed this one.
Great explanation and setting the story line. And yet not too much detail! Looking forward to reading the next book!


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